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Letters To My Hair – Peggy Arthur

Photographer: Paulina Fadrowska | www.blog.fotoinna.com

Dear Kinky Curly Tresses,   We have spent a lot of time together more so than anyone or anything else on this earth. I was born with you and you were the first to be seen by the naked eye ... Read More »

Letters To My Hair: Mz. Wanda

Wanda.Age 44

Hi, Hair—hope you’re feeling OK. ‘Cause I’m actually quite nervous about doing this! I don’t think I’ve done anything like this in…in EVER! But…if I don’t do this—face this—ADMIT this…I’m not going to be successful at this challenge. And for ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair: Tamara

Letters to My Hair-Tamara

I could tell you it wasn’t love at first sight. I covered you behind a perm, but the real you is curly curlier than most they call you 4C People say you stand up bringing you closer to the sun ... Read More »

Letters To My Hair – Tiffany

Letters to My Hair - Tiffany Dear Starter Locs

Dear Starter Locs, I think I love you. But I’m not 100% sure yet. I mean, you are only 16 days old. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but it’s hard NOT to love you. When you were ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Melisa

Dear Beautiful Coils, First of all let me say I’M SORRY…Sorry for all the damage and disrespect I’ve shown you.. I know, it started when I was young and had no control over what was happening…That straightening comb was something ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Angela

An Ode to my Hair You smell like Sulfur free shampoo Fragrance 13 Sweat Snow and honey A teaspoon of olive oil. You feel uncomfortable Like maturity A new beginning Potential rejection Foreign Like uneven terrain, and something not sold ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Yolanda

You inspire me… You inspire me on so many levels, not just physically but mentally and emotionally. You inspire me to love myself undconditionally, to disregard who society says I should be and to become who it is that I ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Tamarus

That joy will come when you pass on the love you have received.  If you hoard love, it melts away.  If you lock love, it breaks free.  If you grab on to love, you end up holding an illusion.  When ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Keisha

Dear, FABULOSITY!! I Remember When I First Saw You So Young, So Curly, So Full Of Life. I Said To Myself “IS THIS WHAT I’VE BEEN MISSING” From That Day On All I Wanted To Do Was To Keep you ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Naturaleza

Mi Corazon, What I want to say to you, I wish I could shout it to the world. It is that you inspire me! To be me…naturally. To be sensual, sexy and alluring…naturally. There is no hiding behind the permed ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Shakia

Dear Thick & CurlyI want you to know that I apologize for all the pain I put you through with heat damage, relaxers and other chemicals. I hope you accept my apology because over the years I realized I took ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Latasha

Dear Thick and Kinky hair:When I was born I was told how beautifully you graced my scalp, you were always thick, never thin. You were easy to maintain because I was just an infant so all we had to do ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Brenesha

Dear Naturally,I wanted to apologize for the things that I put you through. From the Jheri Curl to the Perm, you have held up. I have pulled you and teased you and still you held up. I remember dying you ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Efe

Dear Awesomeness,  I love you more than words can express (and that means a lot because I love words) The first time we met it was love at last snip. <3  What I love about you most is your fluffy, puffy ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Susa

If I knew before what I know about you now I would have never agreed to a relaxer when I was in the third grade. I never would have agreed to put you thru the burns, scabs, breakage, split ends, ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Princess

Dear SlimWithAbs,When we first met I had no idea what to do with you, so I let my grandmother take over. Over the course of the years I started to learn more and more about you. The more I learn ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Karen

Dear Loctress,The first time we met, I did not fully appreciate your beauty. You were there with me from the beginning, but I didn’t really notice you. Later on in life, when I began grooming you on my own, I ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Natural Brit

Dear Natural Curls,I waited the longest 1 yr. 4 days transitioning to finally see. On Dec. 16, 2009, I decided not to submerge you to those deadly relaxers that to changed your natural state, because I realized it wasn’t healthy ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – Zaporiah

I loved you at first sight.  I loved you when I rocked relaxers because-at the time-I thought straight hair was the way to go.  I loved you when I stopped getting relaxers and you grew and grew to new lengths.  ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair – ReinventionAve

Dear Baby Girl,You know I love you don’t you? These past three years together have been such a trip and I owe it all to you!The first time we met I was astonished that you were so beautiful! You have ... Read More »