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Accessory to Watch: Scarves

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Scarves are no longer just a necessity to keep you warm when its cold out. With an array of styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from, scarves are the newest accessory to watch. You can wear them to accent an ... Read More »

Pencil Skirts: Wear Them Day or Night


Pencil skirts are a women’s best friend. Not only are they flattering for many body shapes, but they can be worn with almost anything. Many women, especially in the working world, consider them to be a staple. I have styled ... Read More »

How to Make a Basic Hair Bow


By NannyPro.com Little girls with big bows in their hair are the epitome of girly cuteness, and many little girls love to match each and every outfit with a coordinating hair bow. However buying a new bow to match every ... Read More »

Review: Youngs Crochet & Fashion

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Name: African Kente Cloth Hair Bow Earring Set by Youngs Crochet & Fashion Item Description/Quality: Bow: Measurements: 6.5 inches by 3.5 inches Center of bow: Green Kente cloth Closure: Clip Fabric: Kente Cloth Colors included in this item: Green, Yellow Earrings: Size: ... Read More »

Natural Hair Tutorial: Rockin’ a Banana Clip

Banana Clips for Textured Kinky Hair

Yes kinky textured natural hair can fit into a banana clip. Oh so you don’t believe me, huh? Banana clips have come a long way from the old school long and narrow types you may have grown up with. They ... Read More »

Bring the Sexy Back: Add Hair Accessories to Your Look

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Hey Naturalistas! We all have to admit that natural hair is DOPE, FIERCE, and FABULOUS! Our kinks, curls, and coils are beautiful on their own, but hair accessories can even elevate our hair’s beauty and spruce up our style. I ... Read More »

Satin Hats Perfect for Loc’d Ladies in Colder Climates

Satin Hats Perfect for Loc'd Ladies in Colder Climates

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Spice Up Your TWA : Confidence with your TWA

Spice Up Your TWA With Confidence - Wear Accessories

KCCM: I love the adivce she gives. Many of the things she mentions I did during my TWA stage. Remember: your TWA stage is the shortest stage of your jourmey. Video Read More »

Natural Hair Must Haves for the Fall

Jamilla of College Curlies writes… Hey y’all! Fall is upon us, and I wanted to share with you four of my must-have items for the changing of the seasons:  1. Satin Bonnet: Not only is this a totally necessary item ... Read More »

A TWA Quick Tip from Br0nzeqt

Hey Ladies! In my Quick Tip #1 Video I shared my headband secret. In this video I’m sharing another tip with you. Basically, you can jazz up hair by adding pins and broaches to your headbands. Thanks for sharing my ... Read More »

Favorite Hair Accessories

Whether you have a TWA a small afro, a medium afro, longer hair or you wear your hair in locks or protective styles, hair accessories add style and individuality. What are your favorite hair accessories? Thanks for adding KinkyCurlyCoilyMe to ... Read More »

Accessories for your TWA!

Accessories for your TWA

By Naturally Me! Hi Ladies! A tweetie of mine @SimplyMetra reached out to me a while back frustrated with her TWA (teeny weeny afro) after tweeting her some ideas this inspired me to write this post to help others in similar ... Read More »

Natural Hair Accessory: Bohemian "Wrapsody"

If you don’t know about LUV Naturals then you need to ask somebody!!!  They provide hair accessories that are least damaging to your hair.  They even provide video tutorials and instructions on how to properly use their products. I hear ... Read More »

Natural Hair Accessory: Hair Flowers

I was snooping online and I found this Hair Accessory website called Hair Flowers.  For those of you who want to spice up your hairstyle a hair flower is the way to go! There are hundreds of beautiful hair flowers ... Read More »

Natural Hair Accessory: Hair Twist

I found these hair accessories on Tomoka’s Twists It’s called a Hair Twist. I’m not sure what the purpose is for or how its used, but this site has a whole bunch of natural hair accessories. The Hair Twists have ... Read More »