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Which member of your family do you get your hair texture from?

My answer: I get my hair texture from my father. He has soft hair but very tightly coiled. Oh and let me not forget the thickness. He has some thick hair and I am proud to say, “I get it from my dada” LOL He had the bomb afro in the 70s!  My mother has fine curly hair and I just gawk at her wash n gos!

What’s yours?

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    I’ve never seen my mom natural, dad always had a low cut so based of off grams,I think I have her hair she is half Indian, which may explain the different textures.

  • Vanietra

    I def get my texture from my dad. Its very, full, thick, coarse and kinky. My mother is complete opposite, her hair is very thin and fine. All of my siblings and I are kinda split. My older sister and I have my dads hair, my other sister’s hair is fine like our mothers and our brother is a mix, soft but thick. We used to jokingly sing the good or bad hair song from School Daze

  • http://www.facebook.com/RellieM Ariel McRoy

    My mom. Thick, curly, frizzy mess. lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chantelw81 Chantel Walker

    I would have to say both parents, but mostly my dad I think. I get the thickness from my mom’s, but I think I have my father’s texture. My hair has curls on the edges, there are some tight coils as well. It’s pretty mixed. My sister’s hair is very thick and coarse. My brother’s hair is coily and coarse.

  • Del Natural | All Things Hair

    My dad definitely. Its thick and can be very difficult to manage. But the color makes up for it. Everyone on his side of the family has very light brown hair..almost looks terracotta in the sun! People usually ask me if I have colored my hair but I have never! My mums hair is very soft and fine.


  • http://www.facebook.com/nicxwell Nicole Morris

    I definitely take after my dad. He had a HUGE fro in high school, rocked an S-curl in the 90s looking fly and in 2000s grew his hair long again to rock braids. He has thick hair and it grew fast from what I saw. He basically washed it with Suave Coconut Shampoo and conditioner (which broke out my hands when I cornrowed his hair once), treated the scalp with African Pride hair grease and wore his braids for 2 weeks getting them redone. When he couldn’t get his hair done, he’d basically braid his hair like Whoopi in Color Purple and where a hat to work over it. It’s amazing how I learned/ noticed my dad’s hair routine. He even recommended the salon where he got his hair braided for me to try. He was very supportive of me going natural and still is. He was my definite main inspiration.like father like daughter. But sadly, he cut off all his gorgeous hair when he moved to B’more in 2008. It was time any way, he was approaching 50. I love my pops.
    My mom has always for the longest I can remember worn weave and I’ve seen her hair maybe once in a blue moon. Her hair is fine and thin, which I guess is the reason for the weave although she did rock a jherri curl back in the day. She wasn’t so supportive of me going and being natural. Always snide comments. But when I was younger she did my hair something fierce. So now she is rocking wig and no longer doing the sew-ins but ironically her hair is somewhat natural. She just braids it up and underneath that wig (she let me get a peek) its thick and curly but tightly curled more so than my day’s and long as mine. She said she still perms her edges and front but I’m not so sure. She’s natural without really acknowledging it. If she rocked her hair without that wig, I would be her number one fan cheering her on! (In public, but at home she takes it off but she not into doing hair so much) So thickness and lengthy loose curls from pops and tightly coiled/curled texture from moms would be the makeup of my beautiful head of Morris hair. This hair is a family legend!

    • http://kinkycurlycoilyme.com/ Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful

      thanks for sharing!!!

  • Nancy

    A mix of the two…both of them have soft, thin hair, which I have. Their textures were fairly similar but since my dad always kept his hair short, it is hard to determine his curl pattern. My mom had a definite curl pattern & one texture throughout…I have varying textures, some of which I must get from some other relatives!!! :-D

  • tloved16

    Get it from my mama. Course, thick and no curl pattern.

  • LaShawn Rounsaville

    I get my coily/tighly coily hair from my mother. I knew for sure I got her hair texture when I saw how my hair was after I did my BC. She always comments in that fact too. And we got it from het father. My grandmother’s hair was very coarse and kinky. But my grandfather had curly hair.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Marcia.Lissemore.nee.Buckley Marcia Lissemore

    This might sound mad, but my hair is more like my late Grandmothers. My dad’s mom’s hair is more how I favour. I have my mom’s thick texture, my dad’s early grey hair genes he got from his dad, but the texture in itself is the spit of my grandmothers. It’s soft, wavy, coily in looks, but as she’s mixed and her grandmother was white, and same on my mom’s side her great grandmother was white with long blond hair, there’s also Chinese and who know’s what else mixed in there. My hair was more 4a as a toddler but it started to change and go straighter and wavier than anything. I have one section at the front of my hair that’s 4a from root to end, otherwise it’s just 4a at the roots. I’ve got 3a, 3b,3c with some mad 2b strands that just won’t curl .

  • http://simplydebra.com Debra

    My hair is very similar to my mom’s! We both have a fine texture, tight curls, and very soft hair. My dad also had all kinds of styles back in the day, but I’m not sure about his texture. By the time I came a long, he was wearing a fade, and then he became a baldie :-)