My Regimen

Can I tell you how much I love my hair!?

Taking care of my natural hair is extremely important to me.  I look forward to my wash days and I really enjoy styling my hair.  I never realized how creative I was until I went natural, all of a sudden I was able to do so many cute things with my hair that I never knew I could do.

I think what sets my hair growth apart from many other women is my diligence and consistency.  In other words, I never forget about taking care of my hair.  I know this may sound weird, but taking care of my hair is therapeutic (#don’tjudgeme ) :-)

I usually do my hair on Saturdays, but sometimes I have to choose a different day.

Pre-poo & Detangle with oil and a cheap conditioner then sit under the steamer for 30 minutes or I’ll put on a plastic cap for a few hours while I do things around the house.  The oil and the conditioner I use change based on whats left under the sink or what’s near by. I usually use coconut oil, but I also use avocado oil, olive oil, or castor oil.  I’ve used many different conditioners for my prepoo, click HERE to see a list of my favorite pre-poo conditioners.

Pre-pooing is really easy. (This is what I do) Spray section of hair with water, finger detangle the section, add LOTS of oil especially on ends, add LOTS of conditioner (this is why I use a cheap -less then $5- conditioner), then detangle hair with a Denman brush, and twist that section into a two strand twist. Then move on to the next one.

Feel free to watch this video to see step by step how I pre-poo my hair.

Detangling Cocktail – Recently (Summer 2012) I’ve been using my detangling cocktail to detangle my hair. Essentially, my detangling cocktail is a pre-poo, but instead of applying each ingredient/product to my hair in separate steps, I mix all together in a spray bottle and then I spray it on. SO MUCH FASTER!!! I mix oil and conditioner in a bottle of hot water. Shake it up really good and saturate a section of hair. Detangle that section of hair and move on to the next section. When all  is done, I then shampoo my hair and continue on with the rest of my regimen.

Check out this video to see how I detangle my hair with my detangling cocktail

Hot Oil Treatments. I don’t do this every single week but I find that in the Winter I do them 1-2x a month. Where as in the Summer, I may not do them at all. When I do do them, I ALWAYS do them before my shampoo. If I’m going to do a hot oil treatment, I don’t Pre-poo or use my detangling cocktail. To do a hot oil treatment, I separate my hair into 4 sections. I spray a section of my hair with warm water until it is soaking wet.  I then apply warm oil (coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, jamaican black castor oil) to this section. I then clip that section away and move on to the next section. When all sections are done, I will put on a plastic cap and sit under a warm bonnet or hot dryer or Ill put a towel on my head and do things around the house. I then shampoo my hair and continue on with the rest of my regimen.

Check out this tutorial to see how I do my hot oil treatment.

Shampoo & Condition.  I prefer to shampoo and condition with twists in my hair.  Remember how I detangled my hair during my pre-poo? Leaving the twists in my hair keeps my hair detangled and makes my wash session a lot faster then it used to be.  I apply the shampoo to my roots and then massage really well. I use the excess shampoo to clean the twists and squeeze them very well while I’m rinsing. I do the same for conditioner. Click HERE to see a list of my favorite shampoos & conditioners.

My freshly washed hair

CoWash. At the beginning of my journey I would cowash my hair every single Wednesday (my old cowash routine). But as my hair grew longer and longer I could no longer cowash as frequently because the process of detangling and moisturizing became longer and longer. I do still cowash occasionally. But I do this mainly to rinse my hair of products. So in the event that I want to twist my hair again from scratch and want to use a new product, I will cowash my hair and then style as desired. If you’re not sure exactly what a cowash is, please read this article and also watch the video below to see how I cowash.

Deep Condition.  I prefer to deep condition with twists in my hair. I don’t deep condition on every single wash day, but I make sure to deep condition at least once every month.  I rub my deep conditioner on my ends and then work my way up to the root. If I have nothing to do for the day, I will leave my deep conditioner on my hair overnight. I don’t always have the time to do this, so I usually  sit under the steamer for 30 minutes or put on a plastic cap few hours while I do things around the house.  I rinse out the deep conditioner thoroughly, squeezing my twists to get all the product out. Check out this video below to see how I deep condition my natural hair.

Moisturize each section. This is the most important step of my regimen, because my hair won’t be washed for 7-14 more days.  I usually allow my hair to air dry just a bit before moisturizing, because I usually go right into styling after I moisturize and I prefer to style on damp/dry hair.   So after an hour or so, I loosen one twisted section and add my leave in conditioner, then seal with an oil, then rub my moisturizer on, and finally add a styling product.  I distribute the product through my hair with my Denman brush. Then retwist the section into two twists.  I repeat this all over my hair. I allow my hair to air dry all day and night. Of course I sleep with a satin bonnet.  Click HERE to see a list of my favorite leave in conditioners, oils, and moisturizers.

Feel free to watch this video to see step by step how I moisturize my hair. The video below is of my new regimen, but when I had a TWA I used My OLD hair regimen, was a bit complex, but I never suffered from dryness when I followed my old regimen.  Click HERE to review my old regimen, especially if you have continuous problems retaining moisture.

Style, the next morning. I untwist my hair and style as desired.  Click HERE to see a all of my favorite styles.

Getting ready for bed.  At night, I retwist my hair in flat twists, or two strand twists, and sometimes even braids, depending on what look I want for the next day.  I also assess the state of my hair, usually by night 3 I need to add a little something something to my hair to bring it back to life. Check out this tutorial below to see how I retwist my hair for bed.

Morning Takedown – In the morning, I take off my bonnet and untwist/unbraid my hair. I don’t apply any additional product. Check out the tutorial below to see how I untwist my hair.


  • Kayla

    thank you soo much for all your tutorials, they are much appreciated!! :)

  • Serene_Sonata

    THIS. IS. AWESOME. I’ve been neglecting to detangle and have paid for it dearly. I didn’t realize how much skipping this step can stunt so much growth. LESSON LEARNED! No more lazyness.

  • Serena J

    Do you re-twist your hair every night before bed for two weeks until your wash day?

    • slim200100

      What can I do to get my hair with more curlieness…. I not very long right now…

      • NewlyNatural

        My hair is about the same length as yours. I get good curl definition using Cantu Daily Oil Moisturizer (preferred) or Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair immediately after shampooing to damp hair. Between shampoos I mist lightly with water and apply the lotion. I seal it lightly with argan oil.

  • WendiWu

    Last night i followed your advice for pre pooing and detangling, along with your cocktail and it was great! Detangling has always been hell for me, but now its made,life so much better!

  • Amari

    Are you supposed to pre poo AND do the detangling cocktail?

  • Jemylah Carter

    I have started doing the detangling cocktail and I absolutly LOVE it!!! & so does my hair. Thanks for this. I was really trying to find a good way to detangle my hair and condition it.

  • Ladylanita

    Jenell, I honestly never thought about hair the way you just described your experience with doing yours in the opening paragraph. You’re right! We should look forward to our wash days instead of dreading them. I know I often delayed cleaning my hair, mostly when it was relaxed, because it took me several hours to style it. My hair just hit my shoulder but it involved blow-frying for an hour and exactly an hour of flat ironing and curling. Whoo! Just too much! Now I have my routine down to an hour, unless it’s shampoo day when I deep condition, but I don’t dread like I use to. My wash days have become exciting for me trying out different products all the time or a new technique or hairstyle. I have to keep it fresh and stay abreast of all the products hitting the market so I don’t become tied down to something that eventually gets discontinued. Hate that!
    Anyway, thank you for blogging. I’m really enjoying reading through all of your posts (past and present).

  • lovely

    I will be using your hair regimen we have the same type of hair however my hair is thin. How can I thicken my hair? After I had my son I got on the IUD and it thinned my hair out really bad and it fell out horribly. I never had really think hair though. But I just got it cut again second big chop cause I’ve been natural 4 year’s. I currently have a tapered twa. Maybe 2 inches at the Top and a centimeter on the back and sides

  • Deidre Brooks Toussaint

    I did the BC last month, and I am loving it, I have some question about pre-poo, deep conditioner, I made the avocado with shea butter,olive oil,and ACV condtioner… I haven’t used it yet because I am not sure of when to use it…. first question is with my hair been short how often should I pre-poo and when should I deep condition? and is it good to co-wash every week? and my last question is the avocado mix I made how often should I use it and when?… I’m sorry for the 99 question lol…