Get Your Bun LAYED Hunty!

I know we all want a nice slick high bun, but how in the world do we smooth down our edges and sides with all this kinky curly coily hair?

Girllll the trick is wet hair and tons – TONS of gel.

I cowash my hair before I bun my hair. I keep my hair as wet as possible to ensure that the gel sticks to my hair very easily. I apply a leave in conditioner to moisturize my wet hair and then I go IN with the gel. I mean add gel upon gel, upon gel, upon gel, upon gel. You can not get enough gel!

Get Your Bun LayedCheck out the tutorial below to see how I create my bun from start to finish.


About Jenell B Stewart

Jenell Stewart MS, the founder and editor in chief of the award winning website KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com dedicates most of her free time educating and uplifting women with natural hair by way of her extremely popular website and YouTube channel. Jenell has been featured in Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise.com, and starred on the Dr.Oz television show as a Beauty Expert. In 2012 she was named one of Essences top Instagramers and that same year KinkyCurlyCoilyMe won an award for “Favorite Website” of the Natural Hair Community.
  • bvwright

    LOVE that bun!! You are rocking it, chicka!!!

    • http://kinkycurlycoilyme.com/ Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful

      Thanks love!

  • Aja Grosvenor Stephens

    looks great! what kind of gel are you using? And when I add gel to my hair, it clumps up and makes it almost impossible to comb. Nice for wash and go, terrible for anything else

    • http://kinkycurlycoilyme.com/ Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful

      Im using the Argan Oil Eco Styler Gel.

  • queenbee9

    Your bun is gorgeous Jenell and really suits you but… I almost spit out my milk when I read this title. Do you happen to know the origin of the word “hunty”? It was coined originally as a slang term of endearment by gay men and can also be derogatory. It is taken from the words “honey” and another word that starts with a c and is not used in polite company. LOL

    • Amoya Anderson

      #deads… I always wondered about the origin of that word. i try not to use words i don’t know the meaning of. thanks for the info.

  • girley01

    Love this post! I wear high buns often as I am transitioning. Often times, I take it down nightly so that I can completely feel free. For ‘protective styling’, should I be leaving my bun in for a week at a time so that I am not manipulating my hair daily. The issue is that I feel the need to comb through the gelled hair. I’m thinking that can’t be healthy to just have the gel in it and no oil, butter, etc. for a week. Help!

  • https://www.facebook.com/yasmine.amaya Yasmine Amaya

    Question is too much gel every week bad??? How often should I use gel ? I have proclaim crystal ice? Is that good for my hair?