Going Natural

Natural Hair Care Tips for Students


by Klassy Kinks For some of us, the beginning of September not only marks the end of summer, but the beginning of the new school year. Whether you’re in high school, college, graduate, or professional school, I’ve compiled a list ... Read More »

How I Dealt With My Hair Texture Disappointment

black women natural hair

by  black hair information I think just about every natural haired woman has experienced some form of disappointment with their hair. Perhaps your hair just won’t cooperate that day, or maybe it’s in the awkward length stage and you’re frustrated. ... Read More »

Lazy Naturals: The Easiest Bantu Knot Out Method for Natural Hair


  by Imani Dawson of Tribe Called Curl The dirty little secret of having textured hair is that there’s a whole bunch of textures atop your pretty little head. Sometimes it’s cool to have curls, coils and kinks co-existing peace ... Read More »

Making Time for Your Hair


Hey CurlFriends! Check out my latest article on NaturallyCurly.com!   As a mother of two, I totally get it — who has the time to spend an hour styling their hair in the morning and then another hour or more ... Read More »

Lazy Naturals: Getting Past the Hard Part

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by Imani Dawson of TribeCalledCurl Let’s assume you’ve been caring for your hair for awhile.  Long enough to for the rosy glow of playing in your rediscovered springy curls and kinks to fade.   You’ve had it up to here with ... Read More »

Lazy Naturals: Sweat the Technique

Roll Tuck & Pin

by Imani Dawson of TribeCalledCurl It’s the unspoken secret at natural hair meet-ups and impromptu get-togethers with your curlfriends. The uncomfortable elephant hovering as you air kiss and admire each other’s natural ‘do’s.  Here it is: as rewarding as the end ... Read More »

The Lazy Naturals Lifestyle

braid-out on natural hair

by Imani Dawson of  TribeCalledCurl You know the drill.  Your favorite blogger’s favorite vlogger debuts a new natural style, which she seems to effortlessly finish in minutes, while gazing into her bathroom mirror and smiling.  Inspired, you run to the ... Read More »

How to be a Lazy Natural


by Nappy Fu as published on 4cHairChick One thing that I have noticed on my hair journey is that when you’re doing too much it’s hard to recognize progress. I also learned that simple brings big results. For my hair texture ... Read More »



Hey CurlFriends! Check out my latest article on NaturallyCurly.com!   In the past four years since I left all chemical processing and fully embraced my natural hair. I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying various products and truly learning what works ... Read More »

Transitioning to Natural Hair without the Big Chop


  Have you been struggling with the decision of whether to Big Chop or not? Well making that decision can be easy for some but even harder for others. While a lot of women have talked about the great experience ... Read More »

I Kept an Emergency Relaxer for 2 Years


TRUE LIFE: I kept an emergency relaxer for 2 years, then something changed… A year into my journey I was still stumbling towards healthy hair. Pressing my new growth in an effort to blend the textures, was starting to damage my strands. ... Read More »


natural hair 17

by NaturallyCurly PHOTO SOURCE TAMERA MOWRY The second my stylist took a hack at my heat damage and  I saw 4+ inches hit the floor, I panicked. I had second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth thoughts about what I was ... Read More »

3 Lessons On Growing Short Hair I Learned Once I Hit Back Length


By Black Girl Long Hair Have your ever gazed longingly at a picture of a woman with natural, long, thick coils and thought, “When my hair gets to that length you can’t tell me nothing,”? If so, then this article ... Read More »

My Favorite Natural Hair Detangling Tools

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Hey loves! These are my favorite tools to detangle with. What do you use to detangle? In this video I mentioned the following videos Finding the BEST Detangling Tool For You! Detangling Natural Hair Tutorial How I Finger Detangle Read More »

10 of the Most Annoying Natural Hair Questions


by Naturalhair Rules As someone who has been natural since 2006, I think I’ve heard them all. But yet I’m still dumbfounded with some of these annoying natural hair questions. Here are the top most annoying hair questions. Many in ... Read More »



by  Naturallycurly Detangling is one of the dreaded tasks that every natural must do if she wishes to properly maintain her hair but let’s face it- it can be a pain in the posterior. It is a constant battle between ... Read More »

Selling the Big Chop to Your Parents

Selling the big chop to your parents

Great article by NaturallyCurly.com Partying with my cousin 1 month after our Big Chop 2010 There’s nothing more frustrating than being excited about cutting it all off or rocking your curls for the first time than negative parents. Have the ... Read More »

Going Natural, The Mental Aspect

Going Natural - the Mental Aspect

by Jarmelia of DIY Hair Care Blog For many women the decision to rock their natural hair can come with much anxiety and fear. After wearing straight hair or weaves majority of our lives, the sense of uncertainty that comes with ... Read More »

3 Must Have Conditioners Transitioners Will Love!

3 Must Have Conditioners Transitioners Will Love!

Hey CurlFriends! We all can use an awesome conditioner and when transitioning, conditioners with great slip, moisturizing ability that are price friendly, is a transitioners dream! Here are my favorite three conditioners that will offer all the essentials your hair ... Read More »

10 styles for your TWA

jasika_nicole natural hair twa

**I found a video online showing 10 different styles to do on a TWA and I’m really excited! (Video below) So far the only style I’ve been able to do on my TWA is a Wash & Go.  I wash my hair with ... Read More »

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