5 Ways to Stop Hair Breakage Now

5 Ways to Stop Hair Breakage Now

Hair breakage can range from Not-So-Bad to Call 9-1-1. Some factors that contribute to breakage are out of your control, but many of the reasons behind hair breakage lead right back to what we do to our hair on a daily basis. While stopping breakage completely may take some time and serious TLC, you can often minimize it pretty quickly by stepping up your hair care game.

1. Trim Your Ends
To some women, trimming equals cutting, which may as well equal “No, Thank You.” Done right, a trim only removes dead ends, not whole chunks of hair. When you trim proactively, you reduce the chances that your ends become so dry and brittle that a cut becomes necessary. Women who suffer from split ends have to cut them away before they break off on their own. When split ends get out of control, they travel up the hair shaft, making a serious cut more likely. Instead, why not trim the bottom 1/4 to 1/2 inch of hair every two to three months? Trims are more even and less traumatic than cuts that have to be done.

2. Don’t Brush Hair While Wet
Just say “no” to brushing your hair when it’s soaking wet. Black hair is already fragile — when wet, it’s in its weakest state. It’s fine to comb through your hair while wet; in fact, the ideal state to comb is when it’s saturated with conditioner. But brushing black hair stretches it sometimes to the point-of-no-return. A loud “snap” is the last thing you want to hear while styling your hair.
What about women who want to straighten their hair before flat ironing? Aren’t round brushes made for this? Brushes are okay once your hair is at least halfway dry, but dryer is better. Instead of a round bristle brush, use a paddle brush to smooth hair, but again, wait until your hair is at least 50% dry before tackling with a brush and blow dryer.

3. Get Some Protein ASAP
Depending on the level of your breakage, a weekly protein strengthening treatment may be perfect, or you may need emergency measures if your hair is breaking at an alarming rate. Usually, chemical damage is behind real breakage emergencies. An intense product like ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment can stop a lot of breakage in its tracks, but your hair may still be far from healthy.
It’s important not to overdo the protein because too much can be drying. Alternate mild protein treatments with deep conditioners to keep your hair healthy and prevent breakage down the line.

4. Let Your Stylist Apply Chemicals
Overlapping chemicals is a huge contributor to hair breakage. It can be tempting to apply permanent color yourself, especially if you’re trying to save money. It may get pricey to have a stylist perform these services, but when it comes to chemical treatments, it’s worth it to have a professional do it.

5. Ease Up on Heat
High heat = damage = breakage. Frequent heat = damage = breakage. See a pattern here? While curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers make our lives easier, allowing us to wear just about any style we can think up, these tools can also cause irrevocable damage when used too often or incorrectly. Constantly “bumping” your ends with an iron will weaken, thin and break them over time. Using heat that’s way too hot even once can break your hair.
Use other methods of styling, such as wet setting on magnetic rollers or Curlformers. Wet wrap the hair for a sleek look, or wet set with braids and twists for cool waves. Save the heat tools for special occasions, and definitely no more than once a week.

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  • Lunye Ladybug Fowler

    Thanks for this post. I am experiencing breakage. I have trimmed, dont brush when wet use no heat or chemicals, so maybe I need protein. Can you tell me how often I can use protein. And is coconut milk or henna considered protein? Thanks

  • queenbee9

    I have to say, that many stylists overlap perms and use heat incorrectly. A cosmetology license does not necessarily translate to knowledge about hair care. Many “stylists” are just that–STYLIST meaning they can lay hair and know how to style hair but often, do not know how to care for hair. Many do not even know that they do not know how to care for hair. How do I know this? Because I have been a victim of inept or unknowledgeable stylists AND I went to cosmetology school with many of that sort.

  • Sue

    I really need advice on my hair!! So I shaved my hair over a year and some months ago. My hair has grown out just fine and is so soft. I really love my curls and yeah my hair reaches to my neck. It has grown alot in my opinion, but then just two days ago a stylist straightened my hair with a flat iron. This is the first time I have used heat on my hair after shaving. I’m really worried about the heat damage on my hair and don’t know what to do about it. The stylist used a lot of heta and after washing my hair my curling look almost the same but I can see a difference. So I put lots of oil on my hair… So I’m wondering what I can do to prevent more damage? I know for sure I won’t straighten my hair anymore… I also thought about trimming it but then I have to do it myself and I’m kind of afraid to cut to much… Plz help and thanks!! By the way I’m only 15 so I can’t really afford to buy lots of hair products, but I would really like to know some that will benefit my hair. Oh and my hair is kind of 3c and yeah I would really appriciate an answer!

  • Rashonda

    Love this article !!! I have suffered from hair damage before. However, I have found a hair care line that specializes in stopping breakage. It is called Nutress Hair. The Stop-break shampoo and conditioner does exactly what it claims! You ladies who need hair repair should try their products ! :)

  • http://www.savvyspice.com/ Dale Janee

    You really have the best tips! Hair breakage is something so many woman go through and this is such helpful detailed advice. Thank you so much for your instagram yesterday of our satin pillow cases too.