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My Favorite Natural Hair Guru, SimplYounique, Relaxes Her Hair & It’s Waist Length!

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 1.23.31 PM

When I first went natural over 4 years ago, I tuned into many women on YT for styling tutorials and Kerry of SimplYounique was someone that I tuned into faithfully even though our textures are different because her videos were ... Read More »

Bamboo & Hemp Seed Oil is a Winning Combination for Natural Hair


 by Natural Oils for Hair You are probably wondering why bamboo has anything to do with oil and hair. A great deal as it turns out. The properties contained in the bamboo tree complement those of hemp seed oil and ... Read More »

This is Why 4C Natural Hair Can Not Wash and GO


by Nappyfu: Nappy For You Well guess what? I decided to tackle the myth “type 4C can not do wash and gos.” I have heard from the beginning of my journey that my hair texture can not handle the wash and ... Read More »

Me, Myself & Natural Hair! – Mika


“I hate to say it, but I wanted to relax my hair…” When did you go natural? Did you big chop or transition? These are just a couple of questions that you ask someone that you’re trying to get to ... Read More »

Lazy Naturals: Sweat the Technique

Roll Tuck & Pin

by Imani Dawson of TribeCalledCurl It’s the unspoken secret at natural hair meet-ups and impromptu get-togethers with your curlfriends. The uncomfortable elephant hovering as you air kiss and admire each other’s natural ‘do’s.  Here it is: as rewarding as the end ... Read More »

Castor Oil Challenge Week 8 Check In


July 20, 2014 – July 26, 2014 If you didn’t join the challenge in the beginning I’m sorry, it’s too late. Register for the Fall Challenge in Aug. 5 more weeks to go! Time flies when you are having fun ... Read More »

Tea Rinse for Natural Hair

Flowers Floating in Herbal Tea

What is a tea rinse? A tea rinse is done by pouring a cup of tea, commonly green or black, over the hair to reduce shedding or stimulate hair growth. How is it supposed to work? The caffeine in the ... Read More »

Hair Guru Big Chops!


I’ve been a super fan of AfricanExport for over 4 years and as someone who recently big chopped myself again I was so estatic when I saw her recent video where she discusses her big chop. Go Team Tapered cut! ... Read More »

Is it Time to use a Clarify Shampoo on Your Natural Hair?

Woman washing her hair

Clarifying shampoos should be apart of any healthy hair regimen because there comes a point where your  hair just feels weighed down, extra greasy, or just won’t behave itself.  A clarifying shampoo can bring your hair back to life because it’s ... Read More »

Natural Hair Celebrities with Poppin’ Color


by Nikole of 4cHairChick Hair color is all the rage this summer. Here at 4cHairCHick, we go absolutely gaga over fun vibrant hues! With temperatures over 80 and the sun shining bright well into the night, I can’t help but want ... Read More »

Chunky Flat Twist out on Natural Hair

Chunky Flat Twist out on Natural Hair

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Crash Course—Olive Oil


Olive oil production dates back to antiquity in the Mediterranean.   It’s mentioned in the bible and used as a spiritual anointing oil, for lighting lamps, cooking and grooming.  (Just think of Abraham and his wives sealing their curls with EVOO.)  ... Read More »

Soft & Flowing Summer Curls

CharyJay's Double Decker Method

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Protecting Your Edges While Wearing Braids


by minibraidmethod.com Here’s something many people struggle with- protecting the fragile hair in our edges. First, it’s important for me to note that these tips are for wearers of mini braids (also called pixie braids, individuals, etc) that do not ... Read More »

Glycerin: Your Hair’s Summer Best Friend for Maximum Growth


by Klassy-Kinks If you’re on a growth journey, make glycerin your friend this summer.  Here’s why: To my knowledge, many naturalistas are told to stay away from glycerin during the summer months because the glycerin will call moisture to your ... Read More »

Starting a Natural Hair Product Business


by CoilybyNature.com Starting natural hair product business: I get lots of questions about how I started my own business selling natural hair & skin products and what to do to get started. I’m always honest and upfront about what it’s ... Read More »

The Lazy Naturals Lifestyle

braid-out on natural hair

by Imani Dawson of  TribeCalledCurl You know the drill.  Your favorite blogger’s favorite vlogger debuts a new natural style, which she seems to effortlessly finish in minutes, while gazing into her bathroom mirror and smiling.  Inspired, you run to the ... Read More »

Castor Oil Challenge Week 7 Check In


July 13, 2014 – July 19, 2014 If you didn’t join the challenge in the beginning I’m sorry, it’s too late. Register for the Fall Challenge in Aug.   We are halfway through this challenge and you all are doing so well. ... Read More »

Dealing with Natural Hair Bullying


by TribeCalledCurl Thought you left bullying behind in high school? Think again. People take their prejudices out into the world with them, so bullies can appear anywhere: at work, in church and even in your own family. They might not ... Read More »

Blue Ivy’s Adorable Afro Puffs


by black girl long hair Carter family jewels anyone? The Carters were spotted shopping at Ralph Lauren in the Hamptons this past Tuesday. Little Blue is rocking the cutest afro puffs and looking more and more like B every day. ... Read More »