The Power of the Brow

We have all been there before. You have less than five minutes before you have to be out the door and you have no time to even think about makeup. So what do you do? Do you grab for mascara or do you grab for lipstick? Although these are the most common items you may reach for, there is a more important area to pay attention to. The one area of your face you should never leave your house without paying attention to is your eyebrows!

Brows are important because having a well groomed eyebrow brings attention to your eyes and serves as a frame for your entire face. Well groomed eyebrows give a polished look and serve as a great accessory to healthy skin. I sometimes laugh with my friends because even if my face is bare, I refuse to leave my home without making sure my brows are on point. Out of all the routines we may do daily, eyebrows may be the easiest (and cheapest) to maintain. There are a few methods to obtaining great brows, but two of the most popular are threading and waxing.

Because I am an advocate for methods that suit everyone, I recommend eyebrow threading as the safe method for achieving great brows. For those that may have never heard of eyebrow threading or are
unsure of what it is, it involves removing hair using a string. Although it may be uncomfortable for some, it suits everyone because it involves no chemicals, involves less contact with skin and is burn free.¹

The next question I often get is, “How do I maintain my brows after I get them done?” Now if you are like me, there may be occasions where I am on a budget or a time limit and have no time to run and get my brows done. During times like this, I take matters into my own hands. I make sure to always have three items in my makeup arsenal: a clean mascara wand, an eyebrow pencil and concealer.

When I need to spruce up my brows, I take the mascara wand and brush my brows into place. I then take my Jordana FabuBrow eyebrow pencil and fill in any gaps and then by taking the mascara wand, I rub it over my brows to blend in the eyebrow pencil. I then take a small dab of my L.A. Girl Pro Conceal and put it under my eyebrow arch to highlight my eyes and hide any hairs. Christal718 has a great video showing a similar method on YouTube.

So, remember, the next time you are in a rush, check your brows before you leave. Well groomed brows make an impression and you always want your first impression to be the best impression.


About Miss FabEllis

Ashley is the creator and editor of FabEllis, a blog dedicated to beauty, fashion and natural hair. Her love for beauty, magazines and writing developed as a child growing up in Mt. Olive, North Carolina. Through research, trials and quick learning, she has developed a knowledgebase on topics ranging from skincare to makeup. She is also an advocate for affordable beauty and displays her budget-friendly finds on her blog, www.fabellis.com.
  • http://www.facebook.com/SheDel92 SheRea DelSol

    This was fab ash!! I went to get my brows threaded once… not going back…………… I have a sensitive face… I BLED!!!!!!!!! but i got a wax recently and you cant tell me nothing right now. These babies are on point!!! I need to get a light concealer to highlight my brows. Maybe you help me find one?

    • http://www.fabellis.com/ Miss FabEllis

      Thanks a lot SheRea.  I appreciate your comment.  :-)  Sorry you had a bad experience with threading.  As far as a concealer, I definitely suggest the L.A. Pro Conceal that I mentioned.  It’s typically sold at beauty supply stores.  Another great concealer is MAC’s Studio Finish concealer.  Hope this helps!

    • Jip

      Same thing with me SheRea (I did it twice).  I just stick with regular tweezing.  Other than that, it was an excellent tutorial.

      • http://www.fabellis.com/ Miss FabEllis

        Thank you for reading!  Sorry you had an bad experience with threading.  Glad you did enjoy the tutorial.  Have a great weekend.

  • Slp917slp

    Diva doll Maldonado has a great brow tutorial on YouTube also

    • http://www.fabellis.com/ Miss FabEllis

      Thanks for checking out the post and giving that heads up on her video!  I will have to check that out.  Is that the method you use?