The Lazy Naturals Lifestyle

by Imani Dawson of  TribeCalledCurl

You know the drill.  Your favorite blogger’s favorite vlogger debuts a new natural style, which she seems to effortlessly finish in minutes, while gazing into her bathroom mirror and smiling.  Inspired, you run to the bathroom with a wide tooth comb and a spray bottle filled with your own special moisturizing concoction. Five hours and many tugs later, you’ve created something that doesn’t even remotely resemble the original style.  Frustrated, you tie your hair back in your old reliable puff or bun and bemoan the fact that you just can’t master the flyest looks.

So stop trying.

We know, giving up sounds terrible.  And, we’re not talking walk around with one giant cone shaped dredlock giving up, either.  That’s just…no bueno.  But, if failure to figure out the dizzying variety of styles that can be done with natural hair is stopping you from enjoying your curls, then it’s not worth it.  Try being a Lazy Natural, instead.

braid-out on natural hair

Lazy Naturals want the best hair for the least possible effort.  We believe that hair should be easy to care for and maintain.  Instead of trying every hairstyle under the sun, we master a few signature looks, and use a stylist for fancy styles and special occasions.   We believe protective styles like braids, twists and buns are the most beneficial for our hair, and focus on learning these.  On rough days, we don’t mind throwing on a wig or a turban, and keeping it moving.

Just because we’re lazy, doesn’t mean we skimp on the fundamentals.  We handle our delicate strands with care, especially on wash days. We’ve got Afro silk on our heads, honey.  *Insert finger snaps here.* Our hair regimens are thorough, though we’re constantly striving for ways to be more efficient without sacrificing the health of our hair, which includes seeking out products that make our curls, and lives easier.  (We looove products, but don’t do much DIY mixing. )

If you’re tired of being tired of your natural hair, then join our ranks. Beauty might be pain, but it doesn’t have to take forever.

Check out the video below of Imani talking about what to expect from Tribe’s Lazy Naturals section.

Anyone out there feeling lazy?



About The Author

Imani Dawson is the founder of TribeCalledCurl.com, she is an award winning writer and TV producer with nearly 13 years of experience working in media and a passion for telling Black women’s stories. And, not just the ones that come with lots of weave, dysfunction and intimacy with athletes. I’ve worked for outlets like BET, MTV and yes, VH1 during a short stint on a reality show special that cured me of any misconceptions about people willing to parade their lives in front of the cameras.
  • http://www.curlsofinnocence.blogspot.com Anais CurlsofInnocence Owens

    Love this article! While I’m not exactly a ‘lazy natural’, I do have those days where I can’t achieve a style that someone else did so effortlessly or I don’t feel like doing something that I should be doing every week, like deep conditioning AND hot oil treatments. With 4 kids, I only have time for ONE of those a week! lol

  • http://batman-news.com Kay Murphy

    I really want these article to stop talking about me…lol Yes I am a lazy natural and I am so glad that someone put a name to it.. I am simple the less I have to do to my hair the better I am. For I do not have the time nor the energy to spend a whole day on my hair. But on my wash day I do what I need to do for the health of my hair and to keep it growing.

  • NappyFu

    We are on the sane page. My article was posted here on KCCN about being “Lazy Natural”. On Nappyfu YouTube I show the benefits of just keeping it simple. Simplicity is key for me.

    • http://www.tribecalledcurl.com TribeCalledCurl

      I read your article. It was very informative, especially since you outlined ways for type 4 naturals to embrace a simple approach to natural haircare. Tribe Called Curl has been spreading its Lazy Naturals approach since 2013 when we launched, which we believe in so much that we’ve trademarked it.

      • NappyFu

        I concur I feel I’ve trademarked it as well along with a lot of other simply natural haircare naturals. It just makes the journey easier ya know. When you simplify things it becomes clearer. This can even cross over into life in general.

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  • diiva1981

    Oh my God. I thought it was just me! I love looking at youtube videos and reading articles about different hairstyles. But when it’s time to do them myself, I get tired just thinking about it. Now that I have a name for it, I’ll look up more lazy naturals.