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Selling the Big Chop to Your Parents

Selling the big chop to your parents

Great article by NaturallyCurly.com Partying with my cousin 1 month after our Big Chop 2010 There’s nothing more frustrating than being excited about cutting it all off or rocking your curls for the first time than negative parents. Have the ... Read More »

3 Must Have Conditioners Transitioners Will Love!

3 Must Have Conditioners Transitioners Will Love!

Hey CurlFriends! We all can use an awesome conditioner and when transitioning, conditioners with great slip, moisturizing ability that are price friendly, is a transitioners dream! Here are my favorite three conditioners that will offer all the essentials your hair ... Read More »

Transitioning to Natural Hair without the Big Chop

Transitioning Hair

Have you been struggling with the decision of whether to Big Chop or not? Well making that decision can be easy for some but even harder for others. While a lot of women have talked about the great experience of ... Read More »

Are You at War with Your Detangling Methods?

Are You at War with Your Detangling Methods?

Long-Term Transitioning 101:Detangling If you are currently long-term transitioning, then you know the biggest struggle in your journey is detangling that hair (Screams)!!!! The battle between your hair and the comb, can leave you feeling, READY TO GIVE UP! Trust ... Read More »

Curly Hair Tip: Let Hair Air Dry

What's in your hair products?

Let Hair Air Dry Whenever Possible You may not always have time to let your hair air dry, but do it whenever you can. The less heat you place on your hair in the form of blow drying, even if ... Read More »

Quick & Easy Braidout for Transitioners!


Hey Ladies! Are you looking for a style that will last the entire week? Try this 6 plait braid out for full waves and curls! Before you start, make sure your hair is freshly washed and deep conditioned. Don’t forget ... Read More »

10 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair

10 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair - afro hair

Great article courtesy of NaturallyCurly.com Want to go natural without doing the Big Chop? Transitioning to natural hair is a simple process of growing out your natural texture before cutting off the processed or damaged ends. But don’t set a ... Read More »

Detangling Natural Hair in 10 Minutes or Less

Detangling Natural Hair

At the beginning of my natural hair journey, my hair was less than one inch long. Detangling wasn’t an issue because like most naturlistas with TWAs, there’s not enough hair to detangle. Somewhere around 5 or 6 months, my less ... Read More »

Natural Hair Care Tips for Students

Natural Hair Girls

by Klassy Kinks For some of us, the beginning of September not only marks the end of summer, but the beginning of the new school year. Whether you’re in high school, college, graduate, or professional school, I’ve compiled a list ... Read More »

5 Tips for Managing Natural Hair in College


By Geniece of Black Girl Long Hair It’s that time of year of again. The rush of term papers, Friday and Saturday night social events, all-nighters: Yup, back to school. If you will be going away to college for the ... Read More »

Black Soap for Hair: Reap The Benefits!

Creativeli Coiled-Short natural mohawk

Hey Curfriends! I hope you guys enjoyed my last article, if you didn’t get a chance to read it, click here and check it out!!! Well transitioners, I want to talk to you about the great benefits of African Black ... Read More »

3 Clarifiying Methods for Squeaky Clean Hair

Clarifying Shampoo

Hey Curlfriends! I hope you guys enjoyed my last article! Click here if haven’t checked it out! Are you looking for the perfect clarifying method? These are my top three methods for keeping my hair squeaky clean! Check them out ... Read More »

Stimulate Your Growth!

Scalp Message

Hey Naturalistas! Do you want your hair to grow at a rapid speed? I know how it is when you’re transitioning to natural and want your hair to quickly grow so you can chop off those relaxed ends.  Or after ... Read More »

7 Transitioning Tips to Keep you Inspired & Focused


Transitioning 101: Staying Focused During hair talk with my natural friends, we often talk about our journey to natural hair and how hard it was to stay focused when transitioning from relaxed to natural texture. I know for me, during ... Read More »

A Sock Bun Transitioners Will Adore


Transitioning 101: The Classic Sock Bun During my transition to natural hair, I experimented with all types of styles to blend my natural hair with my relaxed ends. One of my favorite styles was the sock bun, a great way ... Read More »

Dry Hair! A Transitioner’s Nightmare


Long-Term Transitioning 101: Moisture Transitioning from a relaxed to natural texture, can leave your hair feeling like a desert. WATER PLEASE!! Lack of moisture can leave your hair dry, dull, frizzy and can ultimately cause breakage and split ends. During ... Read More »

Naturalista Spotlight: Me, Myself, & My Natural Hair! – Shana

I Big Chopped on November 22, 2010! I have been working towards this February 2010 when I had my LAST relaxer. Every 8 weeks, I chopped 2 inches off. I can’t lie every inch hurt because I worked so hard ... Read More »

Rod Set with a Pompadour by Lisa

Lisa has been transitioning for almost 6 months.  She has really great styles for transitioners as well as fully natural ladies. She does an awesome job of showing you how to do this awesome style job with this Rod Set ... Read More »