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From Loose to Loc’d: Months 1 – 6

Tiff Locs Month6

For years, I thought about loc’ing my hair. But I let background chatter and self-doubt keep me from doing it. Thoughts of “It’s so permanent” “what will you look like” “how will you style it” “you don’t know what you’re ... Read More »

2 Year Length Check


I’m 2 years natural Woop! Woop! Check out my 2 year twist out evolution and my reflection on my journey thus far. In the past 2 years, I’ve grown my hair ON MY OWN to armpit length! Everyone I meet ... Read More »

My Twist Out Evolution – 2 Years

Twist Out 2 Year Evolution

My last twist out Evolution was great. This twist out evolution is awesome! The growth and health of my hair are undeniable.  It’s been 2 great years and my regimen hasn’t wavered much at all. I’ve never been one to ... Read More »

My 2 Year Natural Anniversary!


Big Chop: March 26, 2010 It’s been 2 amazing years! This year of my journey has been great!  Last year was all about learning and this year has been all about growth.  I’ve had amazing growth which has allowed me ... Read More »

What are your Hair Milestones?

Natural Hair Milestones - I can do a ponytail

When I first big chopped I wanted so badly to achieve the infamous puff.  I mean a real puff where the back of the hair is all the way up and not just halfway.  I achieved this goal at around ... Read More »

22 Month Natural Hair Length Check!

22 month natural hair length check kinkycurlycoilyme.com

2 more months and it’s my 2 year natural anniversary! I can’t believe it! Look at how long my hair is now! Visit www.ShopBLVDonline.com for info on this gorgeous necklace and much much more!! Click HERE to check out all ... Read More »

19 & 21 Month Natural Hair Length Check & Answers about Post Partum Shed…

My 2 year nappyversary is right around the corner (3/26/12) –so excited! I just realized I forgot to share this one 2 months ago…. SORRY! The front of my hair is below my chin!! The sides come past my collar ... Read More »

Month 17 Length Check (Video)!

Click HERE to see the progression of my growth. Sub KCCM on YouTube | Like KCCM on FB | Follow KCCM on Twitter Thanks for adding KinkyCurlyCoilyMe to your Blog Feed. Please visit the site directly to leave comments, read ... Read More »

Month 17 Length Check!

Wow! I’m 1 year and 5 months natural already! Many newly naturals comment on my growth as faster then average, but I promise you, my hair grows the average 1/2 inch a month. Look at my first pic, Month 1 ... Read More »

1 Year Length Check!

Sub KCCM on YouTube | Like KCCM on FB | Follow KCCM on Twitter Thanks for adding KinkyCurlyCoilyMe to your Blog Feed. Please visit the site directly to leave comments, read the comments of others, and to read my reactions as well. Email ... Read More »

My One Year NappyVersary!

Two strand Twist-Almost 1 month Natural Big Chop March 26, 2010 Wow!  Time really really flies! This complete year has been such a learning experience for me. I learned that my curl pattern was non existent, but my kinks were ... Read More »

Happy 8 Month Nappyversary to Me!

November 26, 2010 marked the beginning of my 8th month in my natural hair journey! I’ve really enjoyed my hair this month much more then any other month of my journey.  For whatever reason my current length has allowed me ... Read More »

Happy 7 Month Nappyversary to Me!

October 26, 2010 marked the beginning of my 7th month in my natural hair journey! My hair is growing very well and it has to be due to the care that I am giving it now.When I was relaxed I ... Read More »

Happy 6 Month Nappyversary to Me!

I’m so excited!! Today marks the halfway point through my first year as a Naturalista. I big chopped on Friday March 26th, 2010, 6 months ago. My Big Chop Afro Gel My 6 months Afro 2 strand flat twist out ... Read More »

Happy 5 Month Nappyversary to Me!

HAS IT REALLY BEEN 5 MONTHS??? Yes it has! Wow… I big chopped on Friday March 26th, 2010. 3days Natural and loving my TWA! 4 days natural! I think I have 1 inch of hair LOL 5 months later….. My ... Read More »

Happy 3 Month Nappyversary to Me!

  Today marks my completion of Month 3 of my hair journey.  My cousin and I did our Big Chop (BC) on March 26, 2010, so we call the 26th of each month Day 26 in honor of our BC.   I ... Read More »