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Lazy Naturals: 3 Easy Styles for Bad Natural Hair Days


by Imani Dawson of Tribe Called Curl Have you ever had a day where your natural hair just wouldn’t behave? Not just a simple a “humidity” poof fail or a new style gone wrong. A bad hair day of such ... Read More »

Lazy Naturals: Easy Wash N’ Go Method for Natural Hair


by Imani Dawson of Tribe Called Curl The ‘wash n’ go’ for naturals is one of the world’s epic myths, right up there with dragons, big foot and the tooth fairy. Despite countless conversations with both natural hair stylists and textured ... Read More »

The High Shrinkage Club – Are you a member?


A little while ago I posted a video describing my experience with wash n go. Turned out to be a video that people learned a lot from and was very entertained by.  Reading the wonderful and plentiful comments that were ... Read More »

Afro Puffs!


by Yolanda Renee Silly rabbit, afro puffs are for kids! Yea right! Lol. I’ve always wanted to try this style but never got around to it. Styles like these are ideal for attending fun natural hair events. Whenever I go ... Read More »

How I Dealt With My Hair Texture Disappointment

black women natural hair

by  black hair information I think just about every natural haired woman has experienced some form of disappointment with their hair. Perhaps your hair just won’t cooperate that day, or maybe it’s in the awkward length stage and you’re frustrated. ... Read More »

Are the Letters on the Hair Typing Scale Really that Significant?

Natural hair type gude4

by Tori of black girl long hair   Let me preface by saying, that I have a love/hate relationship with the hair typing system. On one hand, I do believe the system can be beneficial to help individuals understand how ... Read More »

Lazy Naturals: Three Easy Gym Friendly Hairstyles

How A Healthy Hair Regimen Can Save Your Life

by Imani Dawson of Tribe Called Curl Three Easy Gym Friendly Hairstyles okay to be lazy with your hair, but definitely not with your body. You already know that exercising helps control weight and maintain a healthy, toned physique but did you ... Read More »

Big Brother Hostess Stands Firm About Her Hair And Quits


by Anya of Iheartmyhair “As a black woman with curly hair, I’ve faced pressure to go straight. But it’s who I am, and my Trinidadian parents backed me”… I was 24 years old. I was working at a now-defunct TV ... Read More »

It Works – Keeping a Hair Diary


by Desire My Natural “Wait, which heat protectant did I use?” “How was that oil used again?” When I did that twist out, did I air dry my twists or dry first then twisted my hair?” These are the questions ... Read More »

Curling Kinky Twists Tutorial


Summer time is RIDICULOUSLY hot here in the Caribbean and the last thing I want to deal with on top of the heat is my hair. So I went into protective style mode and put kinky twists in my hair. ... Read More »

Lazy Naturals: The Easiest Bantu Knot Out Method for Natural Hair


  by Imani Dawson of Tribe Called Curl The dirty little secret of having textured hair is that there’s a whole bunch of textures atop your pretty little head. Sometimes it’s cool to have curls, coils and kinks co-existing peace ... Read More »

What 3c Hair Is (And Isn’t)

7 Days to Effortless, Frizz Free Curls!

By Juanita Patrick of curly-hair-care.com Are there any members of Hairlista, Inc reading this post?  I visit that forum at least every other day and there is ALWAYS someone asking you to diagnose their hair type. “Am I 4a? Does this look like ... Read More »

Lazy Naturals: Getting Past the Hard Part

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by Imani Dawson of TribeCalledCurl Let’s assume you’ve been caring for your hair for awhile.  Long enough to for the rosy glow of playing in your rediscovered springy curls and kinks to fade.   You’ve had it up to here with ... Read More »

This is Why 4C Natural Hair Can Not Wash and GO


by Nappyfu: Nappy For You Well guess what? I decided to tackle the myth “type 4C can not do wash and gos.” I have heard from the beginning of my journey that my hair texture can not handle the wash and ... Read More »

Protecting Your Edges While Wearing Braids


by minibraidmethod.com Here’s something many people struggle with- protecting the fragile hair in our edges. First, it’s important for me to note that these tips are for wearers of mini braids (also called pixie braids, individuals, etc) that do not ... Read More »

The Lazy Naturals Lifestyle

braid-out on natural hair

by Imani Dawson of  TribeCalledCurl You know the drill.  Your favorite blogger’s favorite vlogger debuts a new natural style, which she seems to effortlessly finish in minutes, while gazing into her bathroom mirror and smiling.  Inspired, you run to the ... Read More »

Dealing with Natural Hair Bullying


by TribeCalledCurl Thought you left bullying behind in high school? Think again. People take their prejudices out into the world with them, so bullies can appear anywhere: at work, in church and even in your own family. They might not ... Read More »

3 Easy Styling Tips for Short Natural Hair


by TribeCalledCurl This is for our sisters in the struggle. Those who fell in love with the idea of natural hair 101, big chopped and rocked TWAs with pride, then woke up one morning looking like Frederick Douglass (No disrepect). ... Read More »

7 Cute Summer Puff Styles for Short, Medium and Long Natural Hair

mynaturalsistas puff

by black girl long hair The “puff” is a super simple, go-to summer style for many naturals. Most of us – if notall of us – have worn it at some point in our natural hair journey. Nevertheless, sometimes the style can get ... Read More »

5 Ways To Make Money in the Natural Hair Industry


by black girl long hair Research has recently shown that big hair and beauty brands are losing money due to drops in relaxer sales. It’s clear that naturals are spending their money elsewhere. If you’re so inclined, here are some ... Read More »