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Curly Hair Tip: What Can I do for an Itchy Scalp?

curly hair model

What remedies do you have for an itchy scalp?? Share them below. KCCM: Try this out for an itchy scalp Natural Hair Recipe: Rosemary Honey Hair Conditioner Check out what Curly Girl says: This may sound flip but Curly Girls first ... Read More »

FAQ – Trim? Growth & Regimen? Definition? Salons? Protective Styles?

FAQ with Jenell

The ladies on FB and YouTube have been asking me lot’s of questions. Here’s an FAQ video answering the following questions. How often do I trim? How long did it take me to go from my big chop to the ... Read More »

Whats the Difference Between Curl Activator Gel and Styling Gel?

My TwistOut using curl activator gel I’ve gotten this questions many times, because when I had a TWA I used curl activator gel often to set my twists instead of styling gel.  Now the only reason I picked up curl ... Read More »

What are cones?

Cones (short for silicones) are ingredients in some hair products that are not water soluble. They must be washed out using shampoo. Some people do not use shampoo with sulfates (or shampoo at all) and therefore should not use products ... Read More »

Pros & Cons of Protein Treatments

Pros & Cons of Protein Treatments

How do you know if it’s time for protein treatments for your hair? The key is observance. To determine whether or not you should give protein treatments a try, consider the following questions: Is my hair thin? Does my hair ... Read More »

Natural Hair Regimen Advice for Newly Naturals

Natural Hair Regimen Advice for Newly Naturals

When starting a (new) regimen, I would suggest creating a regimen and then sticking to it for a month. Don’t change it, don’t tweak it, don’t switch it up at all. Follow that regimen for a month and assess the ... Read More »

Wash Your Kinky Twist Extensions or any Protective Style When You Want

Wash Your Kinky Twist Extensions or any Protective Style When You Want For all the readers out there, here’s the article with step by step instructions on how I wash my Kinky Twist Extensions. Thanks for adding KinkyCurlyCoilyMe to your ... Read More »

Dear KCCM…What are the Tricks to Growing Healthy Hair?

Dear Readers of KCCM,What are the best ways to keep my hair at it’s healthiest?Can you give me advice about Shampoo’s & Conditioners to use as well as how often?What are your moisturizing techniques?I’ve heard about protein treatments, what are ... Read More »

What is a Co-Wash?

Definition Co-Washing is a technique that entails washing your hair solely with conditioner; this includes massaging the conditioner into your scalp like you would with shampoo as well as putting it on the length of your hair. Benefits Moisture, moisture, ... Read More »

Dear KCCM…How do you Wash & Moisturize your Protective Style?

Hey JenellyBean!Now that you’re wearing a protective style what’s your moisturizing secret?Love JaVone. Hey girl!So while I’m in a protective style I do things a bit different. First, I mixed about a good squirt of conditioner in a small spray ... Read More »

Dear KCCM… Help! My Hair is thinning!

Dear KCCM,What do you suggest for thickening thin or thinning curly hair? Sincerely,   Joseph E. Weeks Dear Joe,Castor Oil is great for thickening hair. Buy it at any pharmacy in the laxative section. Put it in applicator bottle for easier ... Read More »