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Going Natural, The Mental Aspect

Going Natural - the Mental Aspect

by Jarmelia of DIY Hair Care Blog For many women the decision to rock their natural hair can come with much anxiety and fear. After wearing straight hair or weaves majority of our lives, the sense of uncertainty that comes with ... Read More »

How to Look & Feel More Girly With a TWA

How to Look & Feel More Girly With a TWA

By Aisha of My Fro and I You’ve just taken the plunge and chopped off your hair. Now you look like a boy – not really… I mean, your hair doesn’t define your femininity, right? But unfortunately we do live ... Read More »

10 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair

10 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair - afro hair

Great article courtesy of NaturallyCurly.com Want to go natural without doing the Big Chop? Transitioning to natural hair is a simple process of growing out your natural texture before cutting off the processed or damaged ends. But don’t set a ... Read More »

Lesson Learned “My Curls Don’t Do That!”

Jenells Rod Set with CURLS Cashmere Jelly

Hey Loves! This is another Lesson I’ve Learned since going natural. In the last Lesson Learned “Lesson Learned “My Curls Are Not Like Hers”, I discussed how although we are all natural our hair is not the same. In this installment ... Read More »

Grow Long Healthy Hair – Build a Hair Regimen!

Grow Long Healthy Hair - Build a Hair Regimen

I know many women are newly natural and have lot’s of questions about how to build a hair regimen. In the video below I share my advice on how to effectively build a hair regimen. Your regimen should include: 1) ... Read More »

From Loose to Loc’d: Months 1 – 6

Tiff Locs Month6

For years, I thought about loc’ing my hair. But I let background chatter and self-doubt keep me from doing it. Thoughts of “It’s so permanent” “what will you look like” “how will you style it” “you don’t know what you’re ... Read More »

Lesson Learned “My Curls Are Not Like Hers”

Lesson Learned - My Curls Are Not Like Hers

Hey loves. I really hope you enjoy this series. This series will highlight lessons that I’ve learned during my journey. I will focus more on the social emotional aspect of my journey and how this experience has allowed me to ... Read More »

The Joys and Pains of Being Curly in College

Natural Girls Rock

By Jamilla of For the Fabulous and Frugal This post is dedicated to the joys and pains of having natural hair in college. Let me know what you think of the list, and share your experience!     Joys easy transition: ... Read More »

FAQ – My Hubby’s Reaction? Big Chop vs Transition?


The ladies on FB and YouTube have been asking me lot’s of questions. Here’s an FAQ video answering the following questions. Have you ever had to trim your ends?  You do a lot of moisturizing and it seems like you ... Read More »

I Want To Go Natural, But What Will Others Think?

I want to Go Natural

By Dr. Phoenyx of Dr.Phoenyx.com I remember years ago when my mother told me that if I seriously planned on becoming a doctor, I would have to walk the walk, talk the talk, and most importantly, look the part- which ... Read More »

The Curly Road: What to Expect

The Curly Road - What to Expect when you're Transitioning

Hey Curlfriends! If your just beginning your journey or in the early stages of transitioning, you probably don’t know what to expect along the way. Don’t worry I was clueless when I began my journey, so I thought I would ... Read More »

Spice Up Your TWA : Confidence with your TWA

Spice Up Your TWA With Confidence - Wear Accessories

KCCM: I love the adivce she gives. Many of the things she mentions I did during my TWA stage. Remember: your TWA stage is the shortest stage of your jourmey. Video Read More »

Natural Hair Goals for 2012

The New Year is just a door knock away and with every new year in my journey I think about how I will make my journey even more fun and informative then the last year. 2012 Hair Goals: Continue doing ... Read More »


I had to post this video for you ladies. Watch it and then let’s chat in the comments below! Sub KCCM on YouTube | Like KCCM on FB | Follow KCCM on Twitter Thanks for adding KinkyCurlyCoilyMe to your Blog ... Read More »

5 Hair Care Mistakes Most Naturals Make

Jaremelia of DIY Hair Care writes… I’m just going to lay it out for you all, a lot of the information in the natural hair community can be questionable and have you walking in circles with your hair. Often when you’re newly natural, it ... Read More »

Rock Your TWA with Confidence!

imageRock Your TWA with Confidence! TWA black white-6

When you Big Chop all your hair off it may shock you into fear or love for yourself.  For me, it shocked me into love. I immediately loved my new do, but for many women, this is not the same ... Read More »

Reed Between the Lines Teaches about Loving Natural Hair

  Did you Divas see the NaturalHair episode of Reed Between the Lines???  What were your thoughts?? I loved how the daughter loved her curly hair and of course her mom (Tracee Ellis Ross) and little sister are natural.  She ... Read More »

Ever Felt Natural Hair Wasn’t Appropriate?

YES! I have to keep it real right? Let me explain…When I BCd (3/26/10) it was 4 months before my wedding. I was just getting used to my non curly TWA and I felt like I needed to wear a ... Read More »

Natural Hair Words of Wisdom: Share the Love!

4 weeks after my Big Chop! When you see a diva rocking a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), smile at her and tell her “I love your hair!” Most of us know how it felt during that stage of our journey ... Read More »

5 Things I Love and Don’t Love About My Natural Hair

7 Months Natural – Chunky Two Strand Twist Out 1) I love the thickness of my hair! So full and bushy – When it gets longer I’m gonna have one serious ponytail! 2 Months Natural – Wash N Go with ... Read More »