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8 Reasons Your Twistout Looks a Hot Ass Mess

8 Reasons Your Twist Outs Look a Hot A$$ Mess - Jenell Stewart

The twist out is one of my favorite natural hair styles. I wear them ALLL the time.  After rocking twist outs for three years –no wait, its been almost 4 years–I’ve experienced one jacked up twist out after another jacked ... Read More »

My MOST DEFINED Wash and Go on Natural Hair

My MOST DEFINED Wash and Go on Natural Hair22

Whitney, of Naptural85, has been one of my favorite you tubers of all time, In this latest video she shares how she achieves her wash n go. Whitney says “I’ve been falling back in love with my Wash and Go ... Read More »

Holiday Curls Style Tutorial


Don’t you just love the holidays? For naturals we love our protective styles but every once in a while it’s cool to try out a fun style. For this holiday you’ve got to try out this Curly style by CharyJay! ... Read More »

Wash N Go Tutorial w/Curly Twirls

Jenell's Wash N Go with Curly Twirls

I achieved a great wash n go by using the Curl Twirls products! DETAILS ON PRODUCTS The full Curly Twirls line features sulfate-free Shampoo, moisturizing Conditioner, detangling Leave In Conditioner, Spritz styling serum, Curling Custard styling gel, and Argan Oil. ... Read More »

Product Review: Design Essentials Natural Defining Creme Gel

Product Review Design Essentials Natural Defining Creme Gel

Product Name: DESIGN ESSENTIALS® NATURAL DEFINING CRÈME GEL Price: $25.90 Size: 16 oz Product Description: DESIGN ESSENTIALS® NATURAL DEFINING CRÈME GEL defines curls in natural styles for wavy to tightly curled hair types.  Lightweight Gel. Defines and separates curls. Botanicals provide excellent ... Read More »

Product Review: Sofn’Free; Nothing But Products

Creativeli Coiled-Nothing But Products

Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo 12 oz, $7.99 (purchase) Product Description: Your journey to a head full of soft bouncy curls or flirty twists starts with this essential first step. Sofn’free GroHealthy’s Clarifying Shampoo contains nothing but honest ingredients that gently remove deep-down dirt ... Read More »

Does Eco Styler Gel Define Your Curls?

Does Eco Styler Gel Define your Curls

I’ve watched many of my fellow naturalistas on YT use Eco Styler gel to define their curls.  After seeing a few of my Type 4 curlfriends use it, I was sure it would work for me. A few of my ... Read More »

How to Achieve a Wash n Go on Natural Hair

Wash n Go

I never thought I would find a product to define my curls! I spent the first entire year of my journey on a quest for curl definition and failed miserably, until I tried the Kinky-Curly Curling Custard and the Kinky-Curly ... Read More »

Summer Fun Curly Fro

Summer Fun Fro by Naptural85

As a YouTube vlogger I really enjoy watching videos by my fellow vloggers. I especially love watching styling tutorials. Naptural85 shows us how to achieve a fun curly fro for the summer. This style is cute, fun, and summery– for ... Read More »

Product Review: Hair 180 Curly Custard

Product Review Hair 180 Curly Custard

By Bk Aprhodite of AphroditeKinks Product Name: Hair 180 Curly Custard Price: $20 Size: 8 oz Product Description: The Hair 180 Curly Custard is ideal for intensifying curls, taming frizz and heightening shine. Ultra rich formula is made with natural ... Read More »

My Natural 4b Texture with No Product

Kinky Textured Hair

  My hair is damp in some areas and dry in others. There is no product in my hair. This is my true 4b Texture. When I first did my BC I would get so upset about not having any ... Read More »

Product Review: Design Essentials Stretching Cream


Product Name: Design Essentials Curl Stretching Cream Price: $26.90 Size: 16 oz Product Description: DESIGN ESSENTIALS® NATURAL CURL STRETCHING CREAM defines curls in natural styles for curly to tightly coiled hair types. Adds definition to extremely textured hair. Botanicals provides excellent moisture ... Read More »

Whats the Difference Between Curl Activator Gel and Styling Gel?

My TwistOut using curl activator gel I’ve gotten this questions many times, because when I had a TWA I used curl activator gel often to set my twists instead of styling gel.  Now the only reason I picked up curl ... Read More »

I’ve Fallen in Love with Flat Twist Outs

Flat Twists Out- Month 7 of my journey At the beginning of my journey I was anxious to try out new styles. Even though I had about 1 inch of hair, I would catch myself twisting it every night to ... Read More »

Which Twist Set or Braid Set Gives You the Best Curl Definition?

I love wearing my Afro in a twist out or braid out because it gives my hair curl definition that I long for and it also stretches my hair out.  I love the small two strand twist out, but as ... Read More »

Product Review: Giovanni Organic Wicked Wax The Definition of Pomade

Product Name: Giovanni Organic Wicked Wax The Definition of Pomade Price: $9.19 Size: 2 oz Product Description: Side: Add wicked separation; Style hair to the max; Define with shine. It’s a brilliant disguise. Wax it. Style it. Define it. For ... Read More »

Naturalista Spotlight: My Natural Hairstyle – KeKe

I wore my hair in twists for 3 days before I took them out and I got a great twist out! Twist Out Results on 4B 4C TWA More Videos by Keke After you watch the video share any thoughts ... Read More »

Which Product(s) Gives You the Best Curl Definition?

There are so many products out there on the market that help to define curls. I’ve tried many and some work better then others. I’ve never tried a product that defined my curls, but they help define the curls of ... Read More »

Curl Definition Techniques

by Beautifulms I’ve been asked quite a few times how I achieve curl definition on my ‘fro, so I decided to share my techniques. My techniques come from a number of sources; suggestion from other people that I’ve either perfected ... Read More »

Curly Hair Tip: Keep Hair Well-Moisturized

One of the best ways to ensure consistently well-defined curls is keeping them moisturized. Not with oils, but with regular conditioning and deep conditioning. Curls that are dry and parched simply won’t have the same definition that well-conditioned curls will ... Read More »