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How to Look & Feel More Girly With a TWA

How to Look & Feel More Girly With a TWA

By Aisha of My Fro and I You’ve just taken the plunge and chopped off your hair. Now you look like a boy – not really… I mean, your hair doesn’t define your femininity, right? But unfortunately we do live ... Read More »

Top Five Ways to Rock Thrift Store Finds


So in case you didn’t know, I am a thrifter. Actually, I call myself a thriftshionista but that’s an entirely different topic. If you follow my blog My Thrifted Closet, I showcase thrifted outfits. Though I’ve only been thrifting for ... Read More »

Review: OBcessorized Monthly Subscription Service & Shop


Company: Obcessorized Item Description/Quality: For the most part, the items are quality pieces that came in the most precious box. I felt as though it was my birthday or Christmas and everything was also packaged so nicely. My Experience:  I ... Read More »

Review: One of Rosa’s Petals


Company: One of Rose’s Petals Item Description/Quality: Though these items are inexpensive/affordable,  you can tell that Vanessa (the owner) put her heart into making them. I’ve worn them numerous times without them turning colors, and I know I will have ... Read More »

Spring Got Me Sprung: Spring/Summer 2013 Trends


Spring officially has begun (for our U.S. readers,  though it probably doesn’ t feel like it in some parts of the country). With spring comes new lipsticks, new hair colors, and even most importantly, new trends! To my dismay, color ... Read More »

Pint Sized Style!


Don’t you love seeing a well-dressed kid? There is nothing better than a cute toddler dressed to the nines. Judging from the prices of kids’ clothes, retailers have figured out that we will spend as much (or as a little ... Read More »

Cold Weather Accessories that Will Warm Your Heart

baby-its-cold-outside-protective-style-challenge-the-diary-of-a-natural-gal (1)

Accessories have always been something to keep your outfit interesting, you know, they give it that extra umph! During the winter season, not only are they wanted, they are definitely needed. Accessories like hats, scarves and gloves are what keep ... Read More »

Outfit Ideas: Be A Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY CURLFRIENDS!!! Valentine’s day is TODAY. Can you believe it?  For those of you who haven’t figured out what to wear for that special someone in your life, I’m sure I can help you out. Whether you want ... Read More »

Accessory to Watch: Scarves

Screenshot (49)

Scarves are no longer just a necessity to keep you warm when its cold out. With an array of styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from, scarves are the newest accessory to watch. You can wear them to accent an ... Read More »

5 Sizzling Date Night Natural Hairstyles

Jenell High Bun on Natural Hair

It’s that time again! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and though you may not know what your significant other has planned for you (or what you’re planning), you still want to look FLY! Don’t worry. I’ve been scouring the internet ... Read More »

Accessories to Watch: Tights


For as long as I can remember, tights have been the number one way to polish your look and make it classic. Recently, they’ve become a top trend for many women. Now coming in many different patterns, colors, and styles, ... Read More »

Life Oversized

Screenshot (7)

One of the best trends I’ve seen to date is oversized everything! It started with cardigans, tops, and coats and continued to bags, jewelry, and shoes. It is a great way to exaggerate size and accent a great piece you ... Read More »

How to Dress the “Bump”


One of the first things I thought about when I found out I was pregnant (outside of having a healthy baby), was how I was going to transition my wardrobe without spending a fortune. Sure maternity wear has come a long ... Read More »


Screenshot (26)

What is the best way to get the newest products frequently without paying an arm and a leg: subscription boxes. They are the newest trend in trying and buying new items. You can get them for everything from hair and ... Read More »

Now Trending: #FurCollars


All of my favorite bloggers have been rocking fur collars this Fall/Winter season.I have already ordered mine on Ebay and they are waiting for me in my post office box at school LOL. Whether you buy a separate collar/stole or buy it ... Read More »

Rebel Against Fashion Rules


By Kim of Naturally Fashionable I would not consider myself a rebel when it comes to my fashion choices, but the only rules that I follow are my own.  If you are like me, you select your clothing using three ... Read More »

Statement Jewelry


We have already discussed statements which are vital for giving you a unique sense of style, but I thought we should key in on a very important statement piece, jewelry.  Even if you wear the most basic outfit, like a white tee and ... Read More »

iRock My Signatures. Do You?

irock signature pieces hair and watch_7

By Keren of Two Stylish Kays Do you have a signature piece? What is that one item that you never leave home without? What style do people often associate as yours? Maybe you always rock haute high heels, accessorize with ... Read More »

Tips for A Slimmer Look


By Kim of Naturally Fashionable My goal in life is based around trying to get a slimmer look in my clothing (well not really, but almost). Nothing makes an outfit look more sleek and stylish than the illusion of a ... Read More »

Review: Fierce by Umoya Designs LLC


Name: Fierce by Umoya Designs LLC Item Description/Quality: The earrings are of really good quality. They seem to be of a ceramic material and though they appear to be rather weighty, they are light on the ears. My Experience: These ... Read More »