Inspiration for Newly Naturals

After getting to know many of you personally via email, facebook, twitter, and YouTube I really felt the need to give inspiration to all the newly naturals. I myself am a newly naturalista and I know how hard it can be.
#1 – BE PROACTIVE: Watch YouTube […] Read More →

Rock Your TWA with Confidence

When you Big Chop all your hair off it may shock you into fear or love for yourself. For me, it shocked me into love. I immediately loved my new do, but for many women, this is not the same feeling they go through. Some women are shocked into fear and they immediately feel ugly, masculine and scared! […] Read More →

Natural Hair Encouragement from a Natural Hair Veteran

When I first decided to go natural I came across this video on YouTube and it gave me the “go ahead” that I needed to fully commit. In this video AfricanExport tells you to “Love yourself for who you are for the moment that you’re in” “You have to rock what you’re working with… and fake it til you make it!” […] Read More →

Selling the Big Chop to your Parents

There’s nothing more frustrating than being excited about cutting it all off or rocking your curls for the first time than negative parents. Have the rude comments and sarcasm become too much to bear? Then lend me an ear and I’ll tell you how to get even the most stubborn parents behind your big chop. […] Read More →