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Month 17 Length Check!

Wow! I’m 1 year and 5 months natural already!
Many newly naturals comment on my growth as faster then average, but I promise you, my hair grows the average 1/2 inch a month.
Look at my first pic, Month 1 and then the 2nd pic Month 3, that’s 1″-1.5″ of growth. 
From month 3-5 there was very little growth. It’s not even close to an inch. I don’t believe I did any trimming during those months either.
Look at my pics of months 7, 8, and 9. You will see that the growth is very little from month to month.  But when you look at Month 7 then Month 9, it looks like 1″ of growth.
Now look at the last pic, taken last night (Sept 3, 2011) and you will see that my hair reaches under my lip, not exactly chin, but close.  Maybe by the new year I will be chin length.
I didn’t take actual measurements with a ruler, but I would say my hair in the front from root to tip is about 8″-9″.  If you do the math:
1/2″ a month x 17 months = 8.5″ of average growth!!
See! I told you my hair grows average!!  In fact, my Big Chop wasn’t a smooth almost clean cut, so my hair should actually be longer.
The moral of this story is: If you take care of your hair, it will grow!
Here’s my progress thus far
Month 1: April 2010
Month 3
Month 5
Month 7
Month 8
Month 9
Month 12
Month 17: Sept 2011
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