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As a mother of two, I totally get it — who has the time to spend an hour styling their hair in the morning and then another hour or more at night? With all the demands on our time from home, kids, hubby, and work, we are lucky to get any time to ourselves. I often have to schedule my “me” time because if I don’t it won’t happen. Heck, I can’t even use the lady’s room alone anymore, let alone primp for an hour in front of the mirror. When you have kids, time isn’t something you get much of and with my tips your hair won’t have to suffer. But hey, even if you don’t have kids, these tips are still relevant. 


Trade wash day for wash night

I know, I know, how can you even think about doing your hair when you’re exhausted? Believe me, I’m not a night person, so doing my hair at night isn’t my favorite thing to do at all, but 1-2 hours uninterrupted doesn’t happen often. Having to stop every 2-3 min… READ MORE

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  • Ladylanita

    Just had a wash night, last night. After sitting under the hooded dryer for a quick 15 minutes, my hair was 95% dry by the time I woke up. Makes perfect sense to me! The alternative is to be sequestered in the house all day until my hair dries. Ain’t nobody got time for that! -_-