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Does “Being Natural” Even Matter?

I graduated the University of Rhode Island in 2007 with a Bachelors in Political Science and Philosophy so I’ve always had a thing for deep thinking, debate, and getting to the bottom of things.

We all love being natural and many of you, myself included, fully engage ourselves in this natural hair community. A community that only exists amongst those who are natural and engage in their naturalness. I meet women on a daily basis, who didn’t know that such a community existed and they themselves are natural. It’s like we are in our own world.

I posed the following question on the KinkyCurlyCoilyMe FaceBook fanpage and received a great response!


Outside of the Natural Hair Community Does “Being Natural” Even Matter?



Top FB Replies:

Dana Showers – 48 Likes
I think it does matter outside our community…have you noticed commercials lately…I have noticed more and more men and women in a natural state which is HUGE!! I am a marketing major so I notice things like this!

Karen Winter – 9 Likes
I don’t think others have a true grasp of the significance of what “being natural” means to those of us that choose it. Shoot, with all the fighting/arguing/judging I’ve witnessed among ourselves about those of us who choose to be natural and those who don’t, how can we expect anyone else to get it? We need to learn how to accept one another’s choices about THEIR hair before we can ask anyone else to do so.

Roxane Carmichael Farnsworth – 9 Likes
I agree with the statement regarding natural hair in the media. We are also important based on all these new products being developed for natural hair. And as we wear our natural hair on a day to day basis we show the world what all these coils, kinks and curls can do! You never know who you inspire just by being the real you.

Christal Williams – 6 Likes
I feel as though if we start worrying about whether or not our going or being natural is going to matter to anyone inside or outside of the natural hair community, than we aren’t going natural for ourselves, we’re natural (or not) for them. I went natural because embracing my natural hair mattered to me. It will never matter to me what anyone else thinks. Goes for hair, or any other decision I make about my life.

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Does it? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.