Curly Hair Tip: What Can I do for an Itchy Scalp?

What remedies do you have for an itchy scalp??
Share them below.

KCCM: Try this out for an itchy scalp Natural Hair Recipe: Rosemary Honey Hair Conditioner

Check out what Curly Girl says:

This may sound flip but Curly Girls first answer is: Scratch it!  An occasional itch is perfectly normal and doesn’t necessarily signify a problem.   Our skin constantly responds to stimuli in the environment.

If you’re recovering from a longtime addiction to shampoo, your scalp will probably feel itch a couple of days after you stop using it.  An itch is often a sign that your scalp is healing, much like a scab does before it begins to heal.  Though your scalp is starting to heal from a constant state of dehydration, an itch is a signal that it still needs more moisture.

If you have severely dry hair, make the Exfoliating Scrub.  Wet your hair thoroughly, then massage in the scrub.  If you tend to have combination skin and hair, wet the hair and give your scalp a massage without the conditioner.  Start at the hairline using a circular motion.  First, tackle the sides and crown and then moved down to the nape of the neck.  Repeat the treatment every three days for a week.

You can also try spot-cleaning or spritzing your scalp with Lavender Mist, which contains natural medicinal properties that help cleanse the skin.

If the itching continues or becomes more severe, consult a dermatologist

What remedies do you have for an itchy scalp??
Share them below.

Sources: Lorraine Massey and Deborah Chiel, “Curly Girl Handbook” (2001)

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  • Stephanie

    sorry for the spelling in advance:
    benonite clay, apple cider vinegar, Listerine (caramel colored one), peppermint essential oil, honey, coconut oil, water in an applicator bottle. apply to scalp. put on 2 shower caps and a wool cap for 1/2 hour. rinse. i normally co-wash after this, lock and twist. once a week.

  • Teri

    you can use ACV rinse and tea tree oil but since Ive been using JBCO I no longer have an dandruff or itchy scalf this oil is amazing

  • http://maicurls.wordpress.com/ Mai Curls

    A peppermint mist tends to help (me) as well as Ayurvedic herb rinses (watered down with water so that I can gently scrub my scalp without “ripping” the outer hair shaft or my scalp).

  • GlamNaturalLife.com

    I have scalp eczema so I have to pay attention to my scalp. I always oil my scalp with a mixture if coconut oil, JBCO and peppermint oil. And massage my scalp. Massaging your scalp is really important. Please check out my blog for natural homemade remedies for hair and scalp. http://www.glamnaturallife.com

    • Understanding 18

      What does JBCO stand for? Where can I get the peppermint oil from? Thanks.

      • Nina Trespalacios-Paris

        Jamaican Black Castor Oil

        • Understanding 18

          Thank You. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. LOL! I’ve also found out where to get the Peppermint oil as well….Thanks again!

    • Seasea

      Thanks for the tips I’m suffering with eczema in my scalp will try these natural options. I will stick to castor oil from now on and the ones you have recommended.

  • Loribug

    I make rosemary infused liquid as my refresher/moisture spritzes. I have a rosemary plant, which does make this easier but I just cut a little bit off and put it in my bottle. I like the smell of rosemary so it doesn’t bother me, my whole “recipe” is water or aloe vera juice, sprig of rosemary when needed, some conditioner, and right now I’ve been using flaxseed oil. I’ve also used the flax oil and the Curls brand champagne and caviar curl elixir directly on my scalp for itchiness with good results.

  • Sen

    I just started to use this treatment for my dry scalp because it was itchy and I had a little bit flakes. It makes my hair soft but I still have an itchy scalp (I think my scalp is healing) Anyway, I used brown sugar with olive oil, a couple drops of tea tree oil and honey, mixed it together. I have really short hair so it was a bit hard to separate my hair, but separate them in 4 sections and start scrubing lightly your scalp with it, leave it in your hair for an hour with a plastic bag on your head, then wash it out.