Clay Mask a Summer Must Have!

My summer must haves are facial masks!

Not just any mask; clay masks are my go to in the summer. I have very oily skin with lots of discoloration and large pores… to sum it up, I have problem skin. If you do too, then you know nothing makes skin problems worse than summer heat which can bring on unwanted sweating and extra dirt and oil.

Cleansers are fine but can be harsh and I prefer the natural method. Two of my favorite summer masks are Fuller’s Earth Clay and French Green Clay. I like to mix the Fuller’s Earth with a rose hydrosol and the French Green Clay with a cucumber hydrosol.

I find that when my skin gets too oily the Fuller’s Earth and Rose hydrosol mask tones and cleanses my skin without drying or irritating.

The French Green and cucumber hydrosol helps me look and feel refreshed when my skin is feeling weighed down, tired or puffy.

I purchase all of the ingredients for both masks from Mountain Rose Herbs they have very reasonable quantities for the price when it comes to the clay and the hydrosols aren’t so bad either.

Which Facial Treatment is Your Summer Must Have?

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Johnetta Walker (Johnetta Renae) is a full time nursing student at Northern Oklahoma College and an aspiring writer who hopes to self publish one day. She enjoys anything that is peaceful, her favorite pastimes are hiking, reading and writing poetry. Going natural or transitioning is something new that she is very passionate about and hopes to share her experiences with other new naturals on the journey of self-discovery. She has a written blog on transitioning and being a product junkie by default http://transitionofaproductjunkie.blogspot.com
  • Sanny

    I so want to try the Aztec healing clay but still haven’t reached the international market yet!!

  • http://twitter.com/Netta__love92 Netta

    I can’t wait to try a mask this summer. And on a completely and totally unrelated note, I’m so glad to see another Johnetta actually spelled that way :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1239135017 Johnetta Renae

       Yes ma’am it’s hard to find many with that name, ps. my fam and friends call me Netta too

  • onyinyechi uwakwemdike

    I have been using bentonite clay for some months now, awesome stuff!

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    i up voted u guys Spread being nice pwease :)