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Naturalista Spotlight: Rida

Big chop 1

What inspired you to start growing natural hair? I was inspired to grow my natural hair in 2009 while reading Nappily Ever After by Trisha R. Thomas. I had recently moved to Las Vegas and the drastic change in climate ... Read More »

Naturalista Spotlight: Ana


What inspired you to start growing natural hair? After a couple of years of pointless relaxing and just heat damaging the crap out of my hair, I just stopped. I transitioned without knowing it and I began to love my ... Read More »

Naturalista Spotlight: Robbi


  What inspired you to start growing natural hair? How long have you been natural?  I was inspired by the pressure of hair stylists always wanting to get my hair straighter and straighter to be “easier to manage”. My sophomore ... Read More »

Naturalista Spotlight: Maria

Naturalista Spotlight - Maria3

What inspired you to start growing natural hair? How long have you been natural? What styles did you wear before this decision? I decided to go natural when I wanted to start having kids. I wanted to be my healthiest ... Read More »

Naturalista Spotlight: Tiffany

Naturalista Spotlight - Tiffany4

Tell us about yourself Christian. Educator. Writer. Singer. Fashionista (on a budget;) My mission with www.MyNaturalReality.com to 1-give business owners exposure to a new audience and 2-encourage my readers through stories of perseverance from those I meet on my journey ... Read More »

Letters To My Hair: Mz. Wanda

Wanda.Age 44

Hi, Hair—hope you’re feeling OK. ‘Cause I’m actually quite nervous about doing this! I don’t think I’ve done anything like this in…in EVER! But…if I don’t do this—face this—ADMIT this…I’m not going to be successful at this challenge. And for ... Read More »

Naturalista Spotlight: Irene

Naturalista Spotlight - Irene1

Hello everybody! My name is Irene Odipo Loderick . I hail from Kenya in East Africa and will be celebrating my 37th birthday soon! What inspired you to start growing natural hair? How long have you been fully natural? What ... Read More »

Letters to My Hair: Tamara

Letters to My Hair-Tamara

I could tell you it wasn’t love at first sight. I covered you behind a perm, but the real you is curly curlier than most they call you 4C People say you stand up bringing you closer to the sun ... Read More »

Big Chop to Now: Kenisha

Kenisha's Afro

I did my BC on June 26 2011, it wasn’t because I was going with the crowd, I was at a stage in my life where I felt I needed to start afresh. So I started with me. This is ... Read More »

Naturalista Spotlight: Mia

Naturalista Spotlight Mia3

What inspired you to start growing natural hair? How long have you been natural? What styles did you wear before this decision? I actually just got tired of having very thin, brittle, dry and oddly colored relaxed hair. My hair ... Read More »

My Husband Thinks I Know ALL Women with Natural Hair


By Bree of The Mane Source It is me or does being natural these days mean that you’re apart of a cult or a secret society? Contrary to popular belief, there’s no directory exclusively distributed amongst natural women. We don’t ... Read More »

Big Chop 2 Now: Nia

1st big chop and growth

Hey CurlFirends! This is really what I have named my Second Time Around Big Chop. I big chopped in April of last year, then I grew it out. And on Sunday, August 5th 2013, I big chopped again and this ... Read More »

Naturalista Spotlight: Kim

Naturalista Spotlight Kim

Kinky Curly CoilyMe! Welcomes Kim What inspired you to start growing natural hair? How long have you been natural? What styles did you wear before this decision?   My 12 year old daughter inspired me to go natural. As she ... Read More »

Ade Goes Natural for Her Daughter

Me and Sosa

My 5 year old daughter and I are both naturals.  2 years ago, I decided to go natural because of her. She kept asking for her hair to be like mine, you know straight without the kinks and easy to comb. ... Read More »

The Pressure to Get a Relaxer

My daughter (left) and I during her transitioning

Hey Jenell, this is a response to the article you featured titled, “Black Hair: What are You Teaching Your Children?” My daughter was natural until she was 13. She rocked puffs and twists and what is now known as a ... Read More »

Inevitable Change: A Portrait of My New Natural Hair

Vee Rocks a New Do

By Vee of Pretty Girl Rock There was a time in my life where I avoided change at all costs.  I welcomed it with as much enthusiasm as I would the flu instead of embracing it.  Funny thing about change is that ... Read More »

Marie is a Natural Hair Idol

Marie is a Natural Hair Idol3

Were you a slow transitioner or Big Chopper, and why? I was a slow transitioner. I am/was not comfortable with having very short. I was very excited about going from relaxed to natural. It was something that I really wanted ... Read More »

Letters To My Hair – Tiffany

Letters to My Hair - Tiffany Dear Starter Locs

Dear Starter Locs, I think I love you. But I’m not 100% sure yet. I mean, you are only 16 days old. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but it’s hard NOT to love you. When you were ... Read More »

Kamilah’s Big Chop Story

Kamilahs Big Chop Story2

My younger sister, Rashana, has been natural for years. She is the one who ultimately inspired me to actually take the plunge. I wanted to go natural for over ten years, initially wanting locs. However, not only was my (now) ... Read More »

Jessica Loves Her Hair because of KinkyCurlyCoilyMe

Jessica Loves KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com

Unlike most people who make the decision to go natural. My natural hair journey started out unintentionally.  At that time in my life I had a short hair cut and started wearing a lot of weaves. I wasn’t geting relaxers ... Read More »