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8 Reasons Your Twistout Looks a Hot Ass Mess

8 Reasons Your Twist Outs Look a Hot A$$ Mess - Jenell Stewart

The twist out is one of my favorite natural hair styles. I wear them ALLL the time.  After rocking twist outs for three years –no wait, its been almost 4 years–I’ve experienced one jacked up twist out after another jacked ... Read More »

7 Cute Summer Puff Styles for Short, Medium and Long Natural Hair

mynaturalsistas puff

by black girl long hair The “puff” is a super simple, go-to summer style for many naturals. Most of us – if notall of us – have worn it at some point in our natural hair journey. Nevertheless, sometimes the style can get ... Read More »

How to be a Lazy Natural


by Nappy Fu as published on 4cHairChick One thing that I have noticed on my hair journey is that when you’re doing too much it’s hard to recognize progress. I also learned that simple brings big results. For my hair texture ... Read More »

3 Natural Hair Styles that Can Handle the Rain


Summer may be right around the corner, but until we turn that corner we are all still going through the Rainy Day hair drama. For most natural women, the humidity and dampness from the continuous Spring rain falls puts a ... Read More »

10 styles for your TWA

jasika_nicole natural hair twa

**I found a video online showing 10 different styles to do on a TWA and I’m really excited! (Video below) So far the only style I’ve been able to do on my TWA is a Wash & Go.  I wash my hair with ... Read More »

Large Braid Into a Bun on Blown Out Natural Hair

Large Braid Into a Bun on Blown Out Natural Hair

I really enjoyed my flexi rod set from the other day and I decided not to re-set my hair in the flexi rods because I’ll be in doors for the next few days. I came up with this quick and ... Read More »

I Want to Start Locs. Now What?

I Want to Start Locs. Now What3

If you’re asking this question, I was there 3 months ago. After being natural for years, I decided to loc my hair.  But after deciding to loc your hair, what are the next steps? You’ve finally decided to start locs, ... Read More »

Does Eco Styler Gel Define Your Curls?

Does Eco Styler Gel Define your Curls

I’ve watched many of my fellow naturalistas on YT use Eco Styler gel to define their curls.  After seeing a few of my Type 4 curlfriends use it, I was sure it would work for me. A few of my ... Read More »

Straightening Systems for Smooth Frizz-Free and More Versatile Natural Hair

Straightening Systems for Smooth Frizz-Free and More Versatile Natural Hair

Many women return to their natural hair texture after years of relaxing expecting a wonderful journey, only to discover a new set of hair woes they thought they’d left behind with the relaxer. Design Essentials® gathers the numbers, through in-house ... Read More »

FAQ with LocRocker for Women with Locs

Brittney of LocRocker and her gorgeous locs!

By Brittney of LocRocker I’ve been getting a lot of emails with questions and now that the locs are a year old, I think it’s the perfect time to post these answers. I hope they help! Q: How long will ... Read More »

Natural Hair Tutorial: FroHawk

Natural Hair Tutorial - FroHawk

Cute style by iKnowLee KCCM: When I first went natural, my hair goal was the fro hawk.  Read More »

My Mini Twists, My New Co-Host!, NaturallyCurly Online Event

Mini Twists

I decided to put my hair in mini twists after seeing my girl Lisa’s mini twists. It took me a total of 6 hours over 3 days to complete. Products Used:  As I Am Twist Defining Cream on my hair. ... Read More »

Flat Twist Out with Flexi Rods using Miss Jessies Baby ButterCreme

The flat twist out is my absolute favorite style and I’ve gotten better and better at it.  Whenever I have somewhere special to go or I just want to look fab-u-lous, I set my hair in flat twists and rock ... Read More »

Professional Twisted Halo Style by ToniDaley

Professional Twisted Halo Style by ToniDaley

KCCM: This is so easy to do. Will try this one for work. Read More »

Professional Roll and Bun Style by ToniDaley

Professional Roll and Bun Style by ToniDaley

KCCM: CUTE! Read More »

Flexi Rod Set on Blow Dried Natural Hair

Flexi Rod Set on Blow Dried Natural Hair

As mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to try out flexi rods.  I decided to do them on my blow dried hair.  My hair had been blow dried 4 days prior to attempting the flexi rods. Blow Out Products ... Read More »

I Think It’s Time I Try Flexi Rods

One thing I’ve always done is experiment with my hair. I remember having 2 inches of hair and trying flat twists.  My hubby laughed and laughed at me, but I was determined to do something more with my TWA then ... Read More »

JenellyBean’s Natural Hair Maternity Shoot

Photographer: JayNice Photography Cell: 347-674-9567 Email: JayNicePhotos@gmail.com Location: NYC If you follow the KCCM fanpage, you’ve seen these already. Be sure to join us on the KCCM fanpage to stay updated regularly. Click All Photos to Enlarge Better LATE then ... Read More »

Naturalista Spotlight – My Natural Hair Style – Faith

This is my Retro Inspired Pin-up! It plays on multiple textures; sleek on the back and sides with a textured top that is the result of a wet twist and curl set. I used a home made shea hair lotion ... Read More »

Twists & Twist Out with Miss Jessies Curly Pudding

I was thoroughly impressed with this product. Sub KCCM on YouTube | Like KCCM on FB | Follow KCCM on Twitter Thanks for adding KinkyCurlyCoilyMe to your Blog Feed. Please visit the site directly to leave comments, read the comments ... Read More »