Hair Drama

This is Why 4C Natural Hair Can Not Wash and GO


by Nappyfu: Nappy For You Well guess what? I decided to tackle the myth “type 4C can not do wash and gos.” I have heard from the beginning of my journey that my hair texture can not handle the wash and ... Read More »

Dealing with Natural Hair Bullying


by TribeCalledCurl Thought you left bullying behind in high school? Think again. People take their prejudices out into the world with them, so bullies can appear anywhere: at work, in church and even in your own family. They might not ... Read More »

Me, Myself & Natural Hair! – Tracy

Natural Hair Feature - Tracy4

My sister and I were known for our hair. We weren’t like our friends who had the thick bodies that all the guys loved… We had long hair. And I took pride in my hair. I used to say that ... Read More »

I Kept an Emergency Relaxer for 2 Years


TRUE LIFE: I kept an emergency relaxer for 2 years, then something changed… A year into my journey I was still stumbling towards healthy hair. Pressing my new growth in an effort to blend the textures, was starting to damage my strands. ... Read More »

The Top 10 Stereotypes Naturalistas Have To Deal With Daily


from blackhairinformation.com Yup, I’m going there. I’m taking about some of the stupidest, silliest, and downright insulting assumptions that are made about natural haired women. We all get them and what makes it so shamefully sad is that many of ... Read More »

HEAT DAMAGE – Don’t let it happen to you!

HEAT DAMAGE – Don’t let it happen to you

Nenjae Vanessa with Flat Ironed Hair (20 months natural) Hey Naturalistas! I’m sharing this video with you all because its a great testimony of how even with the knowledge of heat damage and understanding of how to use caution, you ... Read More »

Natural Hair Mistakes – Have You Made Any?

FaceBook Natural Hair Discussion

One thing I’ve learned during my natural hair journey is that our journeys our personal.  Many naturals share similarities in their journey such as product choices, style choices, there are even similarities in regimens.  But there are other more personal ... Read More »

Natural Hair Disasters! – Don’t BeWEAVE the Hype!

Dear KCCM, My sisters and I have always had long hair, withstanding that one “Rio” debacle, but it eventually it grew back (re: THANK GOD)!  I say this so that you all understand that I had a healthy relationship with ... Read More »

Natural Hair Disasters! – Going to the Hair Salon

Every trip to the hair salon won’t be a great one.  I’ve heard a few horror stories from ladies with Natural hair about hair stylists that just don’t know the first thing about dealing with natural hair. Oooop95 takes you ... Read More »

Natural Hair Disasters! – Eco Styler gel Mishap

Dear KCCM,I have a natural hair disaster from my past that I want to share with you. I tried to use Eco Styler with Olive Oil gel to define my curls in a shingling-type style, like I saw in a ... Read More »

Natural Hair Disasters! – Bree

Dear KCCM,I have a natural hair disaster from my past that I want to share with you.When starting the process of going natural almost all women desire instant growth.  A few years ago there was a product all the newly ... Read More »