Blue Ivy’s Adorable Afro Puffs

by black girl long hair

beyonce blue ivy jay z afro puffs

beyonce jayz blue ivy afro puffs

Carter family jewels anyone? The Carters were spotted shopping at Ralph Lauren in the Hamptons this past Tuesday. Little Blue is rocking the cutest afro puffs and looking more and more like B every day.

Bey later posted a photo of the toddler taking a nap. So cute!

blue ivy carter natural hair sleep

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  • shelena williams

    damn hypocrite now its cute when that person start the petition to get her hair come yall was hitting out on it with some bullshit comment like let the child stay she is just a child like wth you should teach a child from he is young so when he or she get older they will know what to do u if they did not do that now she would it to do later yall full a bunch of hypocrite now ur smiling how cute it is when u were oppose to it most of u guy r pathetic that is y i often stay away from these rubbish

    • Anon

      I cannot comprehend your level of stupidity. Your argument is invalid due to your lack of grammar skills.

      • pink

        Lml… I thought I was reading wrong lol.. go back to school hunn !!! seriously !!!!! Hating ass

        • pink

          I mean shelena william

          • queenbee9

            If you press the edit button, you can self correct and write in what you meant…

    • Leslie Taylor

      Girl… SHUT UP!! you just wrote a bunch of Bullshit!!

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  • Dee

    She is so cute! Thank you for sharing! Dee