An Eye on the Gentlemen: Dressing the Man

Although we are all guilty of wearing a men’s shirt from time to time, there is nothing better than a well-dressed man, right? It’s not always about expensive clothes, but more about how those clothes adorn his body.

Over the years, men have stepped up their style game sometimes outstepping the women. And I am not mad at that all. As long as they aren’t doingthemost.com, I say a styled man is probably a taken man.We love a man that doesn’t try too hard but still puts forth an effort. Not necessarily a suit but even just a simple v-neck, pull over, and a pair of jeans that actually fit can do the trick.

(Men: Pull your pants up and see if you get noticed by a mature woman)

(Note that I stressed “fit” as in not hanging below the knees…I wish that would go away)

While we’re on the subject, can we do away with hoodies and sneakers on any day that it is not a Saturday? Please and thank you.
Here are a few looks of some guys you may or may not know who pulled off their own simple sense of style. It’s not all about name brands, it’s all about how one pulls off a look.

What do you love to see a man wear?

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Educator by day, style blogger by night. Reiko is the creator/editor (sounds fancy, huh?!?) of the style blog, God's Favorite Shoes http://godsfavoriteshoes.com/. She writes about her style journey which of course includes pretty shoes. Reiko blogs about what works for her body in hopes of inspiring others. She dabbles in thrifting, writing, styling, personal shopping and wardrobe edits for the busy, the style challenged or just plain "I just need some help!" person. When she is not blogging, she is probably somewhere trying to convince her husband that those "new" shoes have been in her closet for years... #nojudgementzone
  • Ticka

    Nice article!! I love to see a man in a light weight v-neck sweater with a crisp white t-shirt underneath, Levi’s that fit perfectly (not that skinny jean mess) and a nice pair of casual shoes. YES Gawd!!

    • http://kinkycurlycoilyme.com/ Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful

      Girl you got me all hot and bothered. LOL

  • Sade’ Glover

    It depend on the occasion ya know….

    Business Attire: There is nothing like a man in suit that is fitted for him….especially if he has a tall physique!! I can melt! If he chooses to wear a tie it up to him…

    Casual Wear: Levi’s Jeans, a cardigan with a V-neck, Polo Boots, and he can wear a nice watch.
    Now this is my ideal man…when it comes to fashion that is. He can keep it simple and clean!