• Helen Thomas

    I’d pretty much agree, the only thing I would add is AFTER u untwist (if you have kinkier hsir like myself) add a snotty type alcohol free gel to your strands, and my God that twist out may last 8-9 days on a LAZY week. Mine usually last 7 and I was and deep condition weekly and start all over. Each day it keeps getting better and better

    • MissTerius

      I would also add that you make sure you are twisting tightly or even braiding a little at the root to ensure that there is curl definition there too. Not parting and using a diffuser can help with visible parts.

  • ZiggyTheVulture

    Imagine what problems could be solved if as much thought, energy and money went into education, parenting and self-respect.

  • MDC

    As someone who is currently transitioning … this was very helpful! :)

    • newdnewd

      quick tip if your ends are still straight, use a perm rod on the end of the twist

  • Ebony

    Now this was helpful.

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/JustForGiggles/ Wanda Giggles

    DANGIT!!! I was twisting to the end! Now I know :D
    Thank you!

  • vickiana S

    Guilty of a few of these lol thanks for the tips!


    I’ll try to not have a ham twist out so guilty of all the above.

  • DrTrish

    Great info.. Thank you!!

  • Andrfields

    Thank you DAHLING!!! I’m new to your site(s). I enjoy your level of professionalism AND sass! Your hair looks FAB and now my will too.

  • BlackCortHair

    Also if your hair never coils when you want it to, you can bantu knot the ends and they will come out perfect…

    • queenbee9

      or skinny perm rods with end papers. :)

  • THEallenj

    I am a gentleman who is venturing out into the “natural hair” affiar.. and I must say this video truly gave me some GREAT insight! Thank you, Janell. I will def be coming back and watching more videos as I try more things out with my hair.. -AJM

  • queenbee9

    Excellent video. I LOVED the title!

    Here are my extra tips:

    1. It is soooo true and if for some reason you trim too much and therefore when you twist down it is still “fat” or you have relaxed ends, use end papers and a perm rod –this can perform the same action as twirling the ends but some ends can’t twirl and this is a way to beat that–be sure to use end papers so that the hair does not stick to the rod .

    2. I also place a small amount of coconut oil on my hand when I take down a twist. for DEEP waves or crimps, make twists chunky (about 4 at the most to each section (have 4 sections on head, 2 in the front ear to ear and down the center and 2 in the back) or have 6 sections — the larger the twist the deeper the wave .

    3.If you want COILS then twist smaller sections. I do about a square inch section to look like large coily 3 c hair– and this is what I get (see pic below) (this was hair that was initially twisted in small sections then rewetted and RETWISTED in large chunks–about 4 twists per section.

    4. Twist tight–to the scalp to prevent that poofy root look—don’t twist loose unless you want beach waves–don’t twist and try to see your length–twist TIGHT to the scalp (get up on that twist) then continue on –if needed, also pin down the root with a bobby pin so that it lays

    5. Put a satin scarf on to keep everything smooth

    6. In the morning, when it is dry, remove the pins, and put oil on your hands then START AT THE bottom and reverse the twists. If you start in the middle of the twists the unraveling can cause frizz as well as possible knots

    7. I limit my separation into about 3 separations at MOST per half of a twist –this means I untwist the two halves then divide the each half into one, two or 3 cllumps depending on what I am after.

    The hair in the pic is divided into 2 clumps which means from each twist, I divide each half once,

  • Bridget Thompson Ewing

    I love every word you said about twist outs. I can see some of my mistakes but over all I’m doing really good thanks for all your tips.

  • Lucretia McKee

    Yaasssss! I SO needed this!

  • Tanikia Johnson

    Thank u cause sometimes my daughter’s twist outs don’t turn out right

  • Talia (NaturallY Fab Divas)

    Thank you!!!

  • Angela Cobb

    Love Love Love this video, took me the entire 2 1/2 years to get all these tips!!!

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