3 Common Causes of Hair Thinning

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I read an article by Del Sandeen on Hair Thinning that had lot’s of information. I just had to share it with you all (like everything else I learn).

Hair Thinning can be caused by 3 common reasons:

Age is a common factor of hair loss. Can anyone say “Donald Trump”? LOL

We all know that some older people have gray hair and often enough we see older women with thinner hair.  I get my thick hair from my mom. She is currently in her 50s and her hair is thinner then it used to be, especially on top, but fortunately for her, her hair was so thick when she was younger that her hair still looks very thick.

The article discusses the importance of “choosing different styling methods and hairstyles are both effective ways to camouflage thin hair. Styling should be gentle. This includes using the right tools and accessories, gentle cleansers and fewer chemical treatments. If thinning is around the hairline, you may choose styles that cover this area. If your crown is the problem spot, a short haircut may be in order. You might also want to talk to your stylist about placing wefts of hair over thinning areas.”

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Chemical Abuse is another common factor of hair loss. I know this one all too well. My thick relaxed hair was always shedding. The more and more it shed, the thinner and thinner it got.  Now, having relaxed hair doesn’t mean you will have thin hair, but it is likely that if you are not using your relaxer properly your hair will begin to thin out.   I’ve also heard many women that color their hair, report of breakage and thinning in the areas that have been colored or throughout their entire head. Many Natural Divas that have color report that their colored hair “is so thin!” Hmmmm

The article says, “Improper use of relaxers, colors and other chemicals is a big contributor to thinning hair. Although relaxers are easy to purchase for home use, following the directions is crucial to avoid hair damage and loss. This means do not leave it on longer than the recommended time frame, don’t apply to damaged scalps and hair, don’t apply touch-ups more often than every four weeks, and do not apply relaxers on very young children. If you apply permanent color the same day (or within two weeks) you apply a relaxer, you’re asking for trouble. Temporary colors or rinses are safe enough to use at the same time as a relaxer application, but permanent dyes are not.”

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Tight Styling is also a common factor of hair loss. Pony tails have never really been my thing, probably because my hair was never long enough to look cute in a pony tail. *Rolls Eyes* But my natural hair is almost at pony tail status with some hang time! So I will keep this info in mind when my hair gets to length where pony tails are an option.  But I did get my hair put in micro braids and cornrows that were always super tight. Sometimes so tight that I would get bumps around my edges and even head aches! Also, PUFFs are a popular natural hair style and girl oh girl, puffs can put a lot of stress on the hair line especially near the temples.

The article says, “Tight ponytails and braids pull on delicate hairlines. If pulled tightly enough, the hair follicles will be permanently damaged, leading to hair loss, or traction alopecia. This doesn’t mean that you can’t ever wear ponytails or braids again. It simply means that you should avoid any tight styles over extended periods of time. Ponytail holders or elastics should be removed before going to bed. Also, don’t wear the same styles repeatedly — this places tension on the same areas over and over again. Switch up styles every time you fashion a new set of braids if they’re going to be worn for weeks at a time.”


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  • Nellbeme

    Jenelle, my hair seems to be shedding a lot, and been overly dry. I’ve been moisturizing regularly. No matter what I put on my hair it appear to be heavy and lifeless. I’ve trim my ends but my hair isn’t the same. Help!!! I’m frustrated ready to shave it off.

    • http://kinkycurlycoilyme.com/ Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful

      Oh no! What do you use to moisturize?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ILOVEMYTWA Jacqueline Wyatt

    hello love you on youtube I did my BC January 27,2012 my hair seems not to be growing and it’s dry with shedding I’m becoming a product junkie but so far I haven’t found anything that works.my hair is very thick and short tight curly coils. HELP !!! I want to continue being Natural but ready to put a wig.

    • http://kinkycurlycoilyme.com/ Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful

      Hey love,

      You are going through what many of us naturalistas go through. There are many resources on this site for dry hair and shedding.
      If you would like or need more one on one help, I offer consultations. Visit the Services menu at the top of the site and view my hair consultation info.

    • http://www.facebook.com/JenJenThaDon Jennifer Moss

      You, darling, are suffering from hair-orexia. I think I have the same hair type as you. When stretched my hair reaches just past my nape, but when left alone it’s looks like it’s just over 1 cm. My only advice to you, is to keep it moisturised, carry a spray bottle with you, and when you feel it getting crunchy, go to the restroom and spray a little, it will do wonders, trust me. Also, remember to seal your hair after moisturising, and give yourself scalp massages with your favourite hair oil at least once a week. If you want to get braids or another protective style, don’t fret, go ahead, just remember not to pull too tight on your hair, as this can aid breakage. Also, if you want to go ahead with the protective styles, just remember to take care of your under the protective style just as much, if not more, as you would with your hair out. The key thing to remember is that your hair does not grow the same as everybody elses. Everybody has different growth rates, so don’t get too frustrated with your hair. That’s all I can say tbh, good luck!