10 styles for your TWA

**I found a video online showing 10 different styles to do on a TWA and I’m really excited! (Video below)

So far the only style I’ve been able to do on my TWA is a Wash & Go.  I wash my hair with conditioner (co wash) and then I let my hair air dry after adding my oils and leave in conditioner.  I did wear two strand twists once and then a two strand twistout once, but I wore that for a total of 3 days out of my almost 3 week natural hair journey.  I did like the twistouts so I will two strand twist my hair again this weekend, but wear the twistout after my hair dries over night.

Check out the video and save it for future reference, if you have a TWA or if you are transitioning and will be doing your Big Chop soon.  If you don’t have a TWA send it to any women you know who does have a TWA.  If you don’t save it, you can always come back here for it.

About Jenell B Stewart

Jenell Stewart MS, the founder and editor in chief of the award winning website KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com dedicates most of her free time educating and uplifting women with natural hair by way of her extremely popular website and YouTube channel. Jenell has been featured in Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise.com, and starred on the Dr.Oz television show as a Beauty Expert. In 2012 she was named one of Essences top Instagramers and that same year KinkyCurlyCoilyMe won an award for “Favorite Website” of the Natural Hair Community.
  • Olivia

    I'm slowly growing out my twa, its a bit nerve wrecking for me being in the in between stage (reaching a year in January), those are some great styles! Thank you for sharing!

  • JenellyBean

    I'll be reaching a year 2 months after you in March. And I don't consider my hair a TWA anymore – I call my hair a small Afro. I'm far from Teeny Weeny.

    I'm glad you love the styles. Please submit pics for the Natural Hair 365 project of any styles you try.

    click the link at top labeled Natural Hair Project 365 for more info.

  • Benita

    I am 2 days post bc, and watching this video brought tears to my eyes.I know this is the right decision for me. Video is really uplifting, I will continue my journey. Thank you

  • Jetta

    Hi Jenell, hi all!!
    I big chopped just 4 days ago :-D after 7 months since last relaxer. My hair is super short, I think its slow growing. Then again, I only started my healthy hair journey in October when I stumbled on the online natural hair community by accident. I am loving my natural hair and my TWA! I do not want to use extensions, weaves or wigs. I used to keep my hair in extensions for 80% of the time and now I just want to enjoy my natural hair texture. I would love a few tips from you guys about how to properly take care of my TWA and retain length during these cold winter months.


  • Joyce

    Loving my natural hair. Seven months into it after the big chop. Third time doing it but this time I am sticking with it.
    I love the corn role headband. Gonna try that but I think I will try it all the way around my head to create a fro puff. Hope it turns out. Thanks.

  • comfort

    hi people, I wanna go natural, just got my hair cut, can someone please tell me what to use?

    • Christina

      I would say trial and error :) I was a product junkie for about a year, using everything. NOw going 2 years I have kept the Cantu leave in, EVCO, and EVOO. This has maintain my hair whether twistout or protective styles in all seasons. Try that?

      • MzJoneznyabonez Kelly

        That Cantu line is my fave!

        • http://desiremynatural.blogspot.com CJeanPoet

          Yes! After Shea Moisture I will say Cantu line is my second fave

  • Deidre Brooks Toussaint

    Hey yall… I have a friend who wanna go natural but she has a texturizer and she asked me to ask yall can she strip it outta of her hair and if so how.

    • sunnie

      Hi, sorry but texturizer is pretty much like relaxer it has to grow out.

  • T.Smith

    i went natural 3 months ago. Wash and go on a daily basis. It took me this long to get a routine. Everyone is different and all hair is different. When it works, stick to it!!